Our Mission

Our mission is to support the healthy transformation of body, mind and spirit by offering beauty services for hair, skin and nails. We aim to sustain this change by providing education and empowerment.

We support the reunion of beauty, health and nature by introducing our guests to BECOME, our line of organic and wild-crafted personal care products, by LifeGive. This is not another line of beauty products. This is a way of being. This is a way of life.

Self-Love + Self-Nurturance + Self-Expression = Self-Confidence, which cultivates beauty and are fundamental to creating a sustainable, happy, healthful life.

Become Salon and Skin Center at Hippocrates Health Institute is available to our guests in the Life Transformation Program, Students in the Health Educator Program and the General Public both on our campus and through e-commerce.

For our Life Transformation Guests, the salon and skin center is integrated into the program to help guests transform their external image to better reflect their newly discovered internal image.

For the local Florida, and West Palm Beach Residence or people passing through we invite you to come in and experience our services on a daily basis and take advantage of our new series and reward programs.

We provide services to nurture, to pamper, to heal with organic, natural products in a supportive positive chemical free environment.

  • Our bodies are ecosystems.
    We believe that health and beauty are one system, one whole.
  • We make beauty food.
    Our safe, pure, wild-crafted and organic ingredients feed your body through your skin.
  • Transparency is important to us. We are proud of our ingredients. We don’t want to hide anything from you. Our labels are clear and complete.


Meet Salon Director Marty Landau

I love when a guest comes in to talk about a new look or just to get information.  I can help them realize what is possible and how special they are, it makes my day,  I’ve been honored to work with people from many countries, ages and backgrounds and I love to see the transformation they go through here from literally head to toe.  I’m grateful to have the opportunity to see them find their true essence and create their best person both inside and out.  Magic truly does happen here.

Marty has over 40 years in the beauty industry, including years of study in Europe at both Sassoon’s Academy in London and at Dessange in Paris.  She has specialized in Organic products such as Color Herbe (Italian organic color and hair care product lines).  She owned her own Salon and Spa in Pennsylvania for over 10 years and provided speciality services such as natural hair extensions and low level light laser therapy that help in maintaining shiny, healthy and youthful hair.

Marty is a graduate of the Hippocrates Health Educator Program and she incorporates her passion for beauty and the human spirit into the classes she leads in our Life Transformation and Health Educator Program at Hippocrates Health Institute.  From the salon to your own kitchen, you will discover and learn about the nurturing and healing properties in natural ingredients.  Learn to feed the hair, the skin and the soul and feel your confidence and personal power grows.  Marty has many interests outside of her career: she is a member of the Environmental Working Group, A supporter of the Ocean Protection Organization and the Women’s Voices for the Earth.  She also loves to sail and holds her Captains 50 Ton Coast Guard Master License.


  • Cosmetologist for more than 40 years
  • Health Educator from Hippocrates Health Institute
  • Speaker and Lecturer in Health and Personal Care
  • Reiki Master
  • Certified from The Institute of Integrated Nutrition
  • Award Winning Hair Designer
  • Educated at Sassoon’s Academy in London
  • Trained by Dessange Paris, France
  • Dale Carnegie Graduate

Member of :

  • National Association of Professional Women
  • Florida Spa Association
  • American Spa Association
  • International Spa Association
  • National Cosmetology Association
  • Ocean Conservancy

Shawna Britt

Shawna is a Florida Native, born and nurtured naturally. She was born in Vero Beach and raised in West Palm Beach. Her mother was an herbalist who used natural herbs rather than medicine throughout her pregnancy. Shawna was raised vegan before it was a word. Currently, she’s raising her daughter, Taylor whom she enjoys spending quality time with

She has spent her professional and personal life helping people manage and overcome their life’s challenges. Her calling in life is to assist those in need and ease their daily burden through love, kindness and the special care she gives to each and every person she meets. She’s been working as a Cosmetologist for 20+ years. Prior to working at Hippocrates she earned her Bachelor degree in Nutritional Science in 2012. She came to Hippocrates Health Institute in January, 2015, and quickly became a vital part of the salon. Her background as a nutritionist and her Bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Science are essential tools she uses in her daily life to educate her clients in all aspects of clean and healthy living. She knows the importance of the products we use on our body, as well the food we put in our body. In her work at Hippocrates Health Institute, Shawna has found the perfect place to bring her loving care and positive outlook.

Outside of work, Shawna enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as mountain biking, boating, camping, and paddle boarding. She believes the outdoors is a tool to relieve stress from the mind, body and soul. She believes people should live with peace, love and happiness.

Rima Maio

RimaMaioRima was a teacher in New Jersey for 30 years where she taught Math and Science.

She created curriculum discipline, and received a monetary grant to integrate math games into teaching.

Rima holds a Masters degree in Science with a Math minor from Patterson State. Upon receiving her degree she also  acquired 45 credits which broadened her teaching ability.

Formally she recruited musicians to participate in the Linden  Symphony Orchestra. She was in charge of publicity, writing of newspaper articles and participated by playing the violin.

Upon retirement her goal was to live in Florida. She was fortunate to have found the perfect place right next to Hippocrates Health Institute where she enjoys lunch. The perfect retirement.

to stay involved in community while learning better ways of fun healthy living

Rima’s hair was falling out by handfuls and psoriasis was taking over her scalp. The BECOME Organic Salon and Marty came to the rescue. Marty explained the difference in the color she was using and the plant based extract color and how receiving more oxygen to the scalp could improve her condition. Her natural based color and signature scalp massage and laser treatment was the venue. With in one month there was a big difference. Rima says her hair is thicker and has more shine and body than it did in her 20s.

Older people can enjoy good heath, more energy along with  natural hair color and clear beautiful skin.

Rima loves working with such professionals as Marty and Shawna.

She feels that her life experience has enabled her to contribute to the salon atmosphere. She has a passion for sharing the Hippocrates lifestyle and the knowledge it has given her. What a wonderful opportunity it is to meet people from all over the globe.