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Hippocrates Health Institute offers services for the public to experience all year long. Enjoy natural hair coloring, acupuncture, hyperbaric therapy, and many unique health promoting services! Click on our departments below to learn more.

We aim to sustain this change by providing education and empowerment. We support the reunion of beauty, health and nature by introducing our guests to BECOME, our line of organic and wild-crafted personal care products, by LifeGiveTM. Self-Love + Self-Nurturance + Self-Expression = Self-Confidence, which cultivates beauty and are fundamental to creating a sustainable, happy, healthful life.
Under the supervision of Dr. Tina Discepola, Hippocrates’ specialized therapies include hyperbaric oxygen therapy, cranial electrotherapy stimulation, IV nutrition and antioxidants, Aqua Chi detoxification therapy, advanced diagnostics, bio-frequency research, targeted supplementation, thermography and more.
Transformation happens at the world-renowned Hippocrates Health Institute. For over 60 years, this alternative, Holistic teaching institute continues to empower people from all over the world to reconnect to their highest well-being. Tucked among 55 acres of lush, tropical land sits Oasis Therapy Center, the heart of the institute. Unlike any other spa therapy center, oasis creates a nurturing space allowing you to embrace a new found personal awareness and to connect to the world around you.