Auromère Lavender-Neem Soap


Product Description

Auromère Lavender-Neem Soap (Bar) restorative for youthful, radiant skin.

Auromère’s rejuvenating Lavender-Neem formula combines the stimulating and restorative qualities of Lavender with the soothing emollient Neem and 16 other herbal extracts and oils prized by Ayurvedic specialists for invigorating tired skin, toning and restoring equilibrium to stressed epidermal layers and out of balance skin.  Refreshing for the whole body and gentle enough for delicate facial skin and sensitive dermal conditions.  The cold-pressed coconut oil based provides a rich creamy lather that soothes and nourishes while it cleanses, leaving the skin soft, fresh and radiant.

Ingredients:  Coconut oil, palmtra oil, water, alkali, castor oil, hydnocarpus (cactus) oil, lavender compound, neem oil, sesame oil, Indian butter tree (madhuca indica) oil, turmeric, sandalwood, hibiscus, bael leaf, Indian soapnut, zedoary, fenugreek, mung bean, indigo and alangium salvifolium.  Contains no chemicals, colored dyes, or harsh detergents.  No animal testing, cruelty-free, no animal ingredients, 100% biodegradable, printed on recycled paper.


Additional Information

Weight 0.23 lbs
Dimensions 2 x 1.5 x 3.15 in


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