Circulation Max


Supports Heart, Brain & Sex Drive

Easy to mix with green juice, fruit or vegetable smoothies, or even your favorite warm herbal tea.


Product Description

This advanced product is a breakthrough supplement containing nitric oxide,

a compound critical in healing the lining of all blood vessels.

Nobel winning research shows that nitric oxide removes arterial plaque

and heals atherosclerosis, optimizing circulation to vital minute capillaries throughout the body.

This leads to improved blood flow, health, and function of the brain, heart, sexual organs,

and numerous other organs and systems. Hippocrates’ physicians state that‘nitric oxide uses the same biochemical pathways as Viagra’,

increasing blood flow to the sexual organs, but also activating the arousal mechanisms in the brain, improving sexual vitality for men and women.

This formulation also supports the lymphatic and nervous systems, increases energy, and provides support for fighting chronic illness.


Health Canada restricts the quantity of bottles you can purchase to be imported into Canada. To ensure there are no delays with your order, please only order up to a 90 supply of this item.


One 30 servings package(comes in individually packaged sachet) = 15 day supply

One Canister 90 servings = 45 day supply



Additional Information

Weight 1.80 lbs
Dimensions N/A


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    **Product will be getting shipped from different facility. You may receive multiple packages!!