Core (Radiance) Food Based Skin Nutrients

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Core Care Skin Nutrients is a healing skin cream that contains “Cleopatra’s Beauty Secret”. Its advanced technology assures the delivery of the key ingredients to the Core of skin problems, bringing you unbelievable results.

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Product Description

You cannot be without this. Its uniqueness is a major part to what makes up the many “Cycles of our Health’. The ingredients in this “SKIN NUTRIENT FORMULA” are some of the most powerful and important needed to complete these cycles. This is a one of a kind formula, bringing these high quality nutrients through our skin and into our body systems. This is accomplished by CORE CARE SKIN NUTRIENTS, a liposomal nano technology product which is electrically charged, giving it the capability of going into the dermis layer of the skin (the true skin). From here, it goes on into our lymphatic system (our immune system) and on into our blood vascular system (our nutrient supplier).So what we have here, is a Revolutionary Skin Nutrient Product that enters our body through its largest organ, the skin, thus avoiding any digestive difficulties that we might have. Stop for a moment and not only image but visualize what I have just said. You now have all the bases covered concerning the many health issues that we face. Never before has there been a nutritional product that utilizes our skin not only aesthetically, but also as a portal of entry for supplements. You are now in the best position in the world as far as maintaining your health; that being able to take care of the interior and exterior ecological systems, by having them meeting each other and working together. This is akin to East meeting West and there being total cohesiveness for the good of mankind.


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