Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips by Kris Carr


Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips gathers the lessons learned and cancer tips offered during my journey as well as my cancer posse’s experiences. Full-color photos accompany personal stories and candid revelations in this scrapbook of advice, warnings and resources for the cancer patient.

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Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips covers everything from choosing an oncologist, to building a complementary team, to navigating your changing social life, to essential tips on nutrition and how to boost your immune system. You’ll have recipes, medical and holistic resources, and information on young survivor support groups at your fingertips. The resulting cancer resource book is a warm, informative tool for any man or woman newly diagnosed with the disease and for the people who love them.

One day, when I was an actress and photographer, I thought I had a hangover, but a Jivamukti yoga class didn’t provide its usual kickass cure. A visit to my doctor confirmed that my “liver looked like Swiss cheese,” as it was covered with cancerous tumors. I entered trench warfare (wearing cowboy boots into the MRI machine, no less). Cancer needed a makeover, and I was just the gal to do it!

I began writing about and filming my journey, documenting my interactions with friends, doctors, alternative “quacks,” blind dates and other women with cancer, which is, sadly, a growing group. I compiled my cancer tips into a fun cancer resource book for people who want to navigate their wellness journey with humor and love.


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