Eating third edition DVD


Eating, a documentary film written, produced, and narrated by Mike Anderson and shown on PBS, has a blunt and straightforward thesis: America’s principal health problem is the eating habits of its people. Our eating is killing us.

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The basic thesis of the film is centered around the fact that, despite improvements in wealth and medical care over the past half century, Americans have more than doubled their consumption of meat during this period, which has had very negative consequences on overall health. The cause for this negative health impact is based on the following argument:

  • Animal-based foods supply high levels of cholesterol to the diet – much more than is required for human consumption.
  • The high cholesterol leads to the thickening of artery walls (atherosclerosis, or “hardening of the arteries”).
  • Hardening of the arteries impedes blood circulation throughout the body, thereby diminishing the body’s ability to respond to and repair degenerative and/or invasive tissue problems, such as cancer cells, bacterial and viral infections, or general cell damage.

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