Cara Enema Syringe 2oz and 6oz


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Product Description

The Infant Enema Syringe (2oz) is the most commonly used syringe at Hippocrates Health Institute for wheatgrass implants.  The soft bulb and pipe are easy to use and clean.

First flush bulb and pipe thoroughly with water before each use.  Fill the enema bulb with warm water or physician recommended enema solution.  Insert the enema pipe into bulb making sure the open ended nozzle is upright.  Apply lubricant (coconut oil), and expel the air from the pipe by gently squeezing the bulb.  Insert the lubricated pipe in rectally and slowly squeeze the bulb, releasing the wheatgrass juice.  If resistance occurs, pause momentarily, and then gently continue.

Caution:  Use of anything other than plain water, or doctor recommended enema preparations, may damage the product or injure the user.  DO not place heavy or sharp objects on top of the product.  DO not expose product to direct sunlight or heat, as it will adversely affect the product.

Cleaning and Storage:  Separate pipe from bulb, wash both parts thoroughly in warm soapy water.  Rinse bulb and pipe several times, squeeze out excess water, and air dry.  Store in a cool, dry place.


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