Essentia Comfort Pillow

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Essentia’s Comfort pillow features a traditional pillow shape with an upgraded filling of Essentia’s patented comfort mix of natural memory foam and natural latex for customizable comfort.

Product Description

Essentia’s Comfort Pillow features Essentia’s patented natural memory foam and proprietary latex foam blends, you can adjust the Comfort pillow to your sleep style by fluffing it up or smoothing it out. The high-density foams engineered by Essentia for this pillow are based on the same technology used to develop Essentia mattresses. The result is a pillow with the unique ability to continually adapt to all sleeping styles and comfort preferences throughout the night, supporting your neck without bottoming out. You won’t find this in any other loose fill or traditional down pillow.

Essentia’s Comfort pillow features a GOTS certified organic cotton cover and is hypo-allergenic as you won’t find any nesting ground for dust mites. This clean pillow will not introduce stimulants to your sleep environment.


Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 in