Green Power Juicer 1304


A juice extractor that does not cause environmental pollution.

Also easy to clean, thus allowing simple assembly and disassembly. I

t creates fresh ion-filled juice without damaging the nutritional value from the extracted juice.

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Product Description

Green Power Juice Extractor 1304 What is a 3-Way Bio Clean System:  It is the spirit of Green Power Juice Extractor that leads to the realization of a bright and hopeful world to the consumers by providing a juice extractor that does not cause environmental pollution. Mechanical Environment:  Patented through independent development, the clean gear is truly one of the world’s first as it does not produce any iron and plastic dust.  Also, it presents a fresher and cleaner juice by separating the agricultural chemicals and heavy metals.  As it rarely generates mechanical failure, the Green Power Juice Extractor receives a highly favorable review in the international markets.  It is also easy to clean, thus allowing simple assembly and disassembly. Juice Environment:  With 160 revolutions per minute in low-speed operation, it creates fresh ion-filled juice without damaging the nutritional value from the extracted juice.  Also, the installation of a fresh juice cup that is made of special 4,200 gauss Neodymium magnet and bio-ceramic panel allows the storage of extracted juice for 72 hours and creates hexagonal-ion fresh juice to increase the nutrients being absorbed by the body. Natural (Home) environment:  Being equipped with a super-precise motor and speed reducer, this extractor can be used even in a room with a sleeping baby, as it operates silently, generating a noise less than 60dB.  Also, it is equipped with an EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) resistant device that prevents image wobbling in case of using the product near electric devices such as TV.  Since the Eco-Friendly is the primary concept for all Green Power components, every part used in the juice extractor is made of recyclable new materials. Easy to clean and convenient to use:  with the simplified design, the size became smaller and the operation is relatively easy.  Most importantly, extractor is easy to clean. Extraction of ion-vitalizing fresh juice:  the far infrared irradiating materials and magnetic wire installed in the fresh juice cup and clean gear (twin gear) help in the ion-vitalization of the fresh juice, while presenting a delightful flavor and removing the unpleasant grass odor. Separation of agrichemicals and heavy metal:  based on the scientific logic proposed by Norman Walker (American biochemist) that the heavy metal and fiber (pulp) separated after mashing and crushing vegetables are combined with affinity, the Green Power Juice Extractor is specially designed and created to extract pure fresh juice by discharging the combined agrichemicals and heavy metal with the vegetable pulp through the utilization of a complete mashing, crushing, and squeezing method. Automatic pulp discharge:  with the use of Pulp Discharging Knob that is applied depending on the characteristics of the materials to be extracted, the juice can be extracted more efficiently. Multi-functional cooking aid:  It is a perfect aid for home-made dishes as various screens can be applied for vegetable juice extraction as well as for grinding of various ingredients. High quality juice extraction with low noise:  with the application of the super-precise motor and speed reducer, it generates noise less than 60dB while realizing high quality juice extraction and other various functions. Automatic overheating thermostat:  An automatic overheating thermostat is installed to automatically intercept the power in case of overheating due to excessive use and to restart the machine when the temperature goes down.  Such features prevent the occurrence of overheating and suppresses the danger of potential fire. **For use in the USA ONLY** Not  recommended for out of country usage.


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Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 in


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