Lalma Diurino Tea


Diurino is an efficient herbal tea that helps the bladder and the kidneys work in preventing problems such as urinary infections. This diuretic herbal tea also helps in purging the liver and eliminating toxins.



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Product Description

The diurino infusion offers excellent natural prevention in cases of problems related to the urinary system. Diurino herbal tea is a complete formula for the kidneys and the bladder. The association of numerous medicinal plants known for their depurative and diuretic action helps eliminate toxins. Uva ursi and goldenrod are known to increase bladder resistance. Spiny restharrow completes this function in helping the kidneys. Parsley is used for this diuretic effect. Other benefits include:

Helps improve kidney and bladder functions

Helps relieve urinary tract inflammation

Helps prevent cystitis and urinary infections

Cleans the liver






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