Accredited Coach Training & Hippocrates Online Program for Alumni


Coach Training & Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine Coaching Program for Alumni

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In an effort to offer a more cohesive and well-rounded experience, the Level II Coach Training Program and Hippocrates Online Program have now been combined.

Our curriculum has been designed to empower you to be successful at achieving extraordinary personal health and to develop a career in educating others about organic, living food, plant-based nutrition.

Level II Coach Training (Normally $3,497)

3/4 Day Residential & Online Program & Distance Learning – 125+ hours

Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine Coaching Program, Online Program (Normally $3,795)

613+ Videos, 518 Resources, 805 Teaching PDFs, 225 Activities – 320+ hours

All for $4,000 – Save $3,292!

More Details:

Day 1: Intensive with Gerard O’Donovan, Europe’s Leading Life & Executive Coach Trainer himself, the CEO of Noble Manhattan. Gerard’s teaching style is upbeat and dynamic! He will teach and introduce you to several coaching techniques and practices, which you will have time to integrate during the day within smaller groups.

Day 2: Led by a Master Coach and Master NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Trainer. This day is goes deeper and slower-paced, overcoming limiting beliefs, timelines, eye accessing techniques, etc. More integration and an overview.

Day 3: Is much faster-paced with several group exercises. You will learn more coaching techniques and will start developing yourself as a coach. Online Program, Distance Learning, Mentoring from a Senior Coach & Practical Coaching.

Estimated study hours of Level II Coaching is 125-hours

The Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine Coaching program teaches the science and daily practice of implementing an organic, vegan, raw, plant-based diet with cutting-edge research. Students will train to become Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine Coaches.

The foundational principle of our program is that healthy eating is best achieved with a plant-based diet. We define that as a diet devoid of meats, dairy products, eggs, and processed foods. Our approach is to change a person’s whole lifestyle through the use of optimal nutrition and exercise. We believe that in doing so, we can prevent and even reverse chronic conditions. The Hippocrates mission is to encourage a new evolution of health care. We wish to create a new paradigm in which the prevention and treatment of illnesses is not done by pill or surgical procedure, but by a healthy serving of fruits and vegetables.

Study under Europe’s Leading Life and Executive Coach, Gerard O’Donovan. He delivers a fun and exciting atmosphere to help introduce students to various techniques and practices. Students will later have the opportunity to test those techniques with others. For a more psychological approach, students will work with a Master Coach and Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Trainer to learn the importance of changing old habits and ways of thinking. Students will also learn advanced techniques such as eye accessing and how to practice on others in a safe environment.

As students approach the end of the program, they will undergo fast-paced group exercises, using all that they have learned thus far. Throughout the process, students will be exposed to new coaching techniques and learn how to begin their new career.


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