Natural Bamboo Sushi Mat


This traditional sushi mat is made of thin slats of bamboo that are woven together with cotton string. A necessary tool for making sushi rolls, the mat allows even pressure to be applied to form a tight cylinder. To clean, rinse the mat with hot water. Always air dry thoroughly before storing.

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Product Description

Ideal for making perfect makizushi or sushi rolls such as futomaki, hosomaki, temaki and uramaki

  • Bigger than average nori sheets for easy rolling and minimal spilling of rice or sesame seeds
  • Spread sushi rice on a nori sheet, add fillings, roll up the sushi and gently squeeze to tighten
  • For uramaki, we suggest to cover the mat with plastic wrapper to avoid rice sticking to it
  • Made from matchstick rods of bamboo woven with cotton strings. Dimension 24×24 cm. Hand-wash and dry

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs