Oh, My Body!


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In Oh, My Body! I share a story with you about your Miraculous Body as told by the “friends of the systems”, eleven intelligent animals representing each divine system in our body!

The purpose of the book, influenced by my mentor, Ann Wigmore, the mother of wheatgrass, when she endowed me with a Life message, “Little One, give your body to the world!” is to inspire you to evolve into the being you were meant to be. To have the life you have always dreamt of! To “IF” to Intentionally FORGET everything you have learned to believe to be true about being alive, and to begin the divine process of Designing Your Body, Your Life Anew! To listen to the innate messenger within in real time for a life you have yet to imagine!!

And that’s where love begins. Within you! Not without you. Not with someone other than you. But with the miracle of you, yourself, in the miracle of life as it expresses itself within you, as the divine gift we’ve all received from God.


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