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  • Accredited Coach Training


    Accredited Coach Training

  • Life Factory Black Active Flip Cap


    Cap compatible with all 12 oz, 16 oz and 22 oz Lifefactory bottles

  • Life Factory Black Pivot Straw Cap


    Want more drinking options? It’s as simply as swapping out your lids! Our Active Flip Cap allows for a high flow rate for tip-and-sip drinking, which is perfect for high-intensity activities. If you’re looking for more of an upright, medium flow sip, the Pivot Straw Cap is great.

  • Sativera Full Spectrum Hemp Oil 4200


  • Sativera Deep Tissue Oil Gel 600


    High-Performance Non-Steroidal Penetrating Relief
    Relaxing and Regenerating
    Fast Acting and Long Lasting

  • LifeGive Probiotic Colon Restore**


    This next generation broad-spectrum formulation offers the same benefits of Probiotic Maintenance, and also contains highly concentrated strains of beneficial Bifidobacteria, created to support the large intestine. Restores normal colon function and enhances immunity.


    Please refrigerate after opening!!


  • Hemp and Heal Topical Spray


    Hemp & Heal’s Premium Hemp Oil Extract Topical Spray is infused with eucalyptus and peppermint, known for their relaxing, calming effects on the body.

    • Easy-To-Use Push Spray Application
    • Infused with Eucalyptus and Peppermint
    • Known for its relaxing, calming effects on the body.
  • Clearlight Premier Far Infrared Saunas


    Clearlight Premier Saunas include our advanced True Wave hybrid carbon-ceramic far infrared heaters.  True Wave heaters are only available in Jacuzzi® infrared saunas. Each Premier sauna comes with basic Chromotherapy lighting, Bluetooth sound system and Nakamichi speakers – in your choice of Canadian Cedar or North American Basswood.

    Free shipping on Saunas! use coupon code clearlight

  • Clearlight Sanctuary Full Spectrum Saunas


    The Clearlight Sanctuary Full Spectrum saunas come standard with powerful near, mid and far infrared heating technology. To optimize your health results with the many benefits of infrared heat, our Sanctuary saunas provide all 3 wavelengths 100% of the time. All Sanctuary saunas come with Advanced Medical Grade Chromotherapy, Bluetooth sound system with Nakamichi speakers, and Smartphone control – in your choice of Canadian Cedar or North American Basswood.

    Free shipping on Saunas! use coupon code clearlight


  • Have Laptop, Will Travel by Philip Nicozisis


    Phil goes digital nomad for a year-long odyssey, traveling to 12 cities in 12 months on 4 continents. What these cities are ‘really like’ will make you laugh, think, learn and even cringe a little. The author’s personal journey of self-discovery.

  • Natracare Natural Pads Regular (14)


    Traditional style maxi pads made from natural materials to make you feel comfortably protected.

  • Mack’s Soft Foam Earplugs (10 pack)


    #1 Doctor Recommended Earplug Brand to Prevent Hearing Loss

  • Mack’s Aqua Block Earplugs (1 pair)


    Mack’s® AquaBlock® Earplugs are safe for use in salt and chlorinated water.

  • Garden of Life Vitamin Code- Raw B complex

    $26.95 $21.56

    Vitamin Code RAW B-Complex—RAW whole food high-potency B-complex blended in a base of 23 fruits and vegetables with live probiotics and enzymes.

  • Himalaya Liver Care (42 vegetarian capsules)


    • Non-GMO Project verified with Capers, Chicory, Arjuna and other herbal ingredients
    • Empowers the metabolic capacity of your liver and supports toxin-eliminating bile production*
    • Addresses free radical damage in your body and promotes your cellular lifespan*
    • Increases your body’s nitrogen retention, a key indicator of protein creation
  • LifeGive Energy Max **


    LifeGive™ Energy Max  is freeze-dried Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae (AFA) which is earth’s first living food!

    The nutrients in LifeGive™ Energy Max may help to increase energy, vitality, and endurance, strengthen the immune system, improve attention and alertness, and support brain function and the ability to manage stress.

  • Energy Biodine


    This true scalar charged topical and oral iodine antiseptic is great for wounds, bedsores, sore joints, parasites, increased energy, etc.

  • Rad Clear


    Unlike mono-atomic oxygen therapies, non-mono-atomic oxygen in Rad Clear is very gentle and proprietary, private testing shows this special formula is the only product to date to eliminate radioisotopes and electropollution

    Bioscalar enhanced hyper-extremely oxygen-saturated & hydrogen-charged spring water

  • LifeGive Probiotic Maintenance**


    This essential daily, next generation broad-spectrum formulation brings balance to both the small and large intestines, and reduces pathogens to present in the digestive tract. It can be used to alleviate issues such as constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, general discomfort, and provide relief from occasional irritable bowel.


    Please refrigerate after opening!!

  • Bach Rescue Cream


    Rescue Remedy Cream is especially beneficial for external traumas and conditions, such as blows, rashes, chemical burns, bruises, cuts, sprains, dry skin, diaper rash, burns, razor burns and cuts etc.

  • Desert Esssence Lip Rescue (Tea Tree)


    Helps relieve cracks and cold sores
    • Softens and smoothes lips
    • Helps maintain healthy-looking lips with lasting moisture

    The antiseptic properties of Eco-Harvest® Tea Tree Oil are enhanced with nourishing vitamin E and Aloe Vera in this formula that helps bring relief and softness to your lips.

    0.15 fl oz

  • Eco Cork Mini Tote


    This is the perfectly sized, lightweight little tote for doing quick errands around town: post office, corner market, bank and back. Throw your cork wallet in and go! One deep compartment lined in our rich brown vegan suede. Dual cork straps. 12 x 9 x 4. 100% Vegan.

  • Eco Cork Women’s Zipper Wallet


    Our luxurious cork wallet is buttery soft to the touch, durable, beautiful and oh so lightweight!


  • Eco Cork Men’s Wallet


    Our featherlight cork wallet creates a slim profile… so there’s no more back-pocket bulge!


    100% Vegan.

  • Eco Cork Baseball Cap


    Our unique baseball cap will have you standing out from the crowd!

  • RenaVen


    Premier Kidney support. This premier quality, broad-spectrum formula offers effective support for optimal kidney health. RenaVen features two key botanical blends: Rena-Prime and Rena-Bolic support, for full spectrum botanical support.

  • Quantum Principles of Health and Healing


    Utopian Wellness Coaching lecture and meditation!

  • Holistic Principles of Health and Healing


    Utopian wellness coaching lecture and meditation!!

  • Superieur Electrolytes- Concord Grape


    Superieur Electrolytes

    Best Tasting

    Better Ingredients

  • LifeGive Circulation Max **


    Supports Heart, Brain & Sex Drive

    Easy to mix with green juice, fruit or vegetable smoothies, or even your favorite warm herbal tea.

  • Hemp and Heal Topical Relief Gel 1Fl Oz


    Formulated with athletes and arthritis sufferers in mind, Rapid Cooling Hemp Derived Topical Gel is:

    • Entirely free of synthetic chemicals
    • Non-greasy, with excellent skin penetration
    • Formulated with synergistic extracts to support and fortify CBD’s known benefits
    • Safe for all skin types

    Naturally soothing, Rapid Cooling Hemp Derived Cannabidiol Pain Gel is a formulated blend that opposes dry, irritated and aged-looking skin, and promotes optimal skin health, vibrancy and a youthful appearance.

  • Obvita Organic Healing Lip Balm


    This Special Healing Lip Balm is extra infused with Chamomile and Calendula Flowers and Comfrey Leaf for extra healing power for severly dry or chapped lips.