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  • Vegan Protein Bar – 10 pack

    Bars are shipped in a cold insulated packaging box, 2 Day shipping

    Please call our Mail Order Department at 877-582-5850  to place an order.

    10 pack options include:

    • 10 pack mix – 5 Carob and 5 Vanilla bars
    • 10 pack Vanilla – Vanilla bars only
    • 10 pack Carob – Carob bars only
  • Sunny Onion Rings


    Onions*, Cashews*, Sunflower Seeds*, Filtered Water, Fresh Lemon Juice*, Granulated Onion*, Granulated Garlic*, Parsley*, Dill*, Black Pepper*, Himalayan Crystal Salt. *Organic

  • Italian Kale Chips


    Kale is a green leafy cruciferous vegetable. Kale has the most nutritional value for fewer calories than almost any other food.

  • Hot and Spicy Kale Chips


    A 2 ounce serving of Kale has 170% of the recommended daily value(RDA) of vitamin A, 110% of the RDA of vitamin C, 8% of the RDA for Calcium & 6% of the RDA for Iron. 

  • Food Storage 3 Piece Set


    This is a perfect set for leftover lovers!

    The smaller container is sized for a perfectly portioned meal.

    Have a bigger appetite?

    The large container will allow you to store enough food to satisfy your hunger.

  • Food Savers Square Set


    This set is ideal for lunch on the go!

    Compact enough to fit almost anywhere yet big enough to store your essential food items.

    Its virtually indestructible material is leak and kid proof!

  • Weight Loss & Longevity Online Course


    We are thrilled to be able to offer you the first opportunity to enroll in one single course from the comprehensive Hippocrates Lifestyle Online Program. We have a special offer through March for you to take the Weight Loss and Longevity Online Course (Course 10). The course is 24 hours of content for you to enjoy and learn more about optimal health.

  • Garden of Life Vitamin Code – Raw Vitamin E


    As a powerful antioxidant, vitamin E assists the body in fighting oxidative stress and supports a healthy cardiovascular system.†

    It is known for its free radical scavenging properties, helping your immune system to fight against the effects of free radicals.

  • Amino Acid Quick-Sorb


    Amino Acid Quick-Sorb™ is a liquid supplement supplying nine free form L-amino acids, which provide a stabilizing effect. It may be used to support healthy blood glucose levels that are already within a normal range.

  • Super Phosphozyme Liquid


    What Is Phosphorus and Why Is It Important?

    Phosphorus is the second most plentiful mineral in your body. The first is calcium. Your body needs phosphorus for many functions, such as filtering waste and repairing tissue and cells.

    You need phosphorus to keep your bones strong and healthy, to help make energy, and to move your muscles.

  • Juice Saver 26 oz


    Keep your juice fresh 5x longer!

    Now you can juice in bulk for the week and vacuum seal your container so you can retain the vitamins, minerals and vitality of your favorite juices.

  • Moringa Leaf Capsules


    Moringa capsules made from US-grown moringa.

    Packed in vegan capsules, this finely ground moringa is the most nutrient dense food in the world as it contains high amounts of amino acids, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. 

  • Moringa Leaf Powder


    Planted and processed in the US

    ELGEE Moringa Powder is grown under organic conditions, using our own compost to fertilize our soil.

     Considered the most nutrient-dense food in the world, Moringa powder is easy to use

  • EmoSpirit


    How Emotions Reflect Spiritual Depth

    EMOSPIRIT is a fresh view into the essential way for the raising of consciousness.

  • A Families’ Guide To Health & Healing


    From herbs to essential oils to a complete listing of body therapies, this invaluable resource is for anyone wanting to create health for themselves and their families naturally.

  • Basic Grow Kit


    Easy start to growing your own Living Foods

    Everything you need to start growing sprouts!


  • Essentia Organic Sheet Set – Queen


    Unlike any other organic cotton sheets on the market, these organic sateen cotton sheets are luxuriously soft and make the perfect addition to your night-time retreat.

  • Echinacea


    Echinacea (1oz) (also known as E. angustifolia root E. purpurea whole plant) Echinacea is a great immune enhancer.

    This tincture is alcohol-free.

  • Fennel


    Using carefully-controlled extraction techniques, we capture the holistic balance of each herb and the value is passed on to you, the consumer, who can be assured that the product in your hand is authentic, safe, effective, holistically balanced, and of course…Nature’s Answer®.

  • Fenugreek


    Fenugreek (1oz) (Also known as Trigonella Foenum-Graecum) aids in balancing blood sugar, and supporting the gastrointestinal tract.

  • Ginkgo


    Ginkgo (1oz) (Also known as Ginkgo Biloba leaf) promotes mental focus and may assist with memory loss and clarity.

    This tincture is alcohol-free.

  • Gotu Kola


    Gotu Kola (1oz) (Also known as Centella Asiatica) is a liquid extract that helps to promote healthy skin and connective tissue.

    This product is Alcohol-Free!

  • Essentia Coco Travel Pillow


    Perfect for long travels, the Essentia Coco Travel Pillow is the complete package of comfort and support.

  • Essentia Comfort Pillow

    $139.00 $69.50

    Essentia’s Comfort pillow features a traditional pillow shape with an upgraded filling of Essentia’s patented comfort mix of natural memory foam and natural latex for customizable comfort.

  • Essentia Organic Sheet Set – King


    Unlike any other organic cotton sheets on the market, these organic sateen cotton sheets are luxuriously soft and make the perfect addition to your night-time retreat.

  • Asta Complete-FX


    This unique formula features a selected range of valued botanicals including natural algae-sourced astaxanthin, a potent, lipid soluble carotenoid antioxidant that helps neutralize free radicals.

  • This formula features betaine hydrochloride which assists the body’s natural stomach acids in the digestion and absorption of nutrients, especially protein, vitamin B12, calcium, iron and other minerals.

  • Adaptogen-R3


    Adaptogen-R3™ is a premier, invigorating formula that promotes the entire adaptogenic process, including whole body stress support.

    Introducing an outstanding class of herbs called adaptogens. An adaptogen is an herb that has the unique ability to “adapt” its function according to your body’s specific needs, such as promoting a healthy response to occasional stress. Premier Research Labs’s Adaptogen-R3™ is a comprehensive, multi-botanical formula that promotes the entire adaptogenic process while helping to moderate occasional mental and physical stress.

  • BECOME A Little Tenderness – Anti Inflammatory Gel 1oz


    BECOME A LITTLE TENDERNESS – Anti Inflammatory Gel contains Astaxanthin, which Defends DNA against environmental aging factors such as U/V exposure, pollution and smoke. Also provides anti-inflammatory properties and is suggested for use following laser treatment, after extended sun exposure or as an after shave.

  • Eidon Calcium, Liquid Concentrate (19oz)


    Calcium, the most plentiful mineral found in the human body, ideally comprises 1.5 to 2% of an adult’s total body weight. 

    Most people measure high in calcium when a hair test is performed, yet America has the highest levels of osteoporosis and arthritis in the world.

    Calcium supplementation is interdependent with silica.

  • Eidon Chromium, Liquid Concentrate (2oz)


    Chromium is a trace mineral essential for the proper metabolism of cholesterol and glucose (blood sugar), as well as insulin production and regulation.

    Chromium decreases insulin resistance and reduces the body’s level of triglycerides.

    It also helps to control obesity and can stimulate weight loss. 

  • Eidon Copper, Liquid Concentrate (19oz)


    Copper is essential for both iron and zinc utilization, as well as for maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. Copper is necessary for normal development and maintenance of blood, bone, nerves, connective and other tissues.

    A deficiency of this essential trace mineral has been implicated in a variety of disorders.