Soulera Anti-Stress Formula 10.13 fl oz.


Soulera® Adaptogenic Herbs Anti-Stress Formula restores your ability to cope with stress by modulating cortisol levels, returning you to the healthy middle ground between stimulation and exhaustion. Stress has a role in every human disease. The mitigation of the effects of stress is of vital importance in preserving human wellness.

Product Description

Soulera is a blend of 10 herbs, including 7 adaptogens and 3 potent antioxidants. All of the herbs have additional health benefits beyond adaptogenic and antoxidative functions. NuYugen carefully extracts the biologically active substances in the herbs, liberating them from the cellulose matric and allowing our bodies to make full use of the valuable molecules.

Boost Vital Energy

Your body knows what it needs – our products deliver potent plant molecules like adaptogens and antioxidants that your body selects and uses to repair, rebuild and rebalance

Sleep Like a Champion

We have used ancient knowledge and modern science to unlock the healing powers of natural plant molecules to restore health and wellness, improving sleep and overall well being.

Enhance Mental Clarity

The product is a blend of “adaptogenic” herbs extracted from virgin forests and formulated as a liquid elixir to be taken daily. Adaptogens help balance, restore and protect the body.


Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs