Inside each of us are two players on the stage of life: Love and Fear. These two players perform the daily dramas that create our perception of the world from moment to moment. Love accepts and rejoices at all that life gives us as lectures along the path to the spirit. Love has no desires and imposes nothing; it generates freedom, compassion, joy, and unity. Fear acts out of need and scarcity to retard our progress.

Our vision is blurred. Fear always wants things to be different from the way that they are. Anger, blame, control, confusion, and victimization conspire with fear to inhibit your process. Our experience of life depends upon which player, Love or Fear, controls the moment. We want to focus on love, but in order to do so, we must learn to diminish, dispel and ultimately dismiss fear. We accomplish that by first subordinating fear and eventually, replacing fear with love.

Calming Fear

Filtering external noise and allowing fear to exhaust itself is often the first step to quieting that very fear. Accept the input, but not the impact of fear. Allow love to embrace fear, thereby diminishing its imposition. Sit until you have silence and inner peace – even if it takes several sessions and many hours – because fear has often been entrenched within you throughout your life. Learn to relax and breathe deeply.

The following healing affirmations are some of the many possible internal or external, silent or voiced chants that can accompany fear to its inevitable merging with love:

  • I have faith that life is good and that I play an important role in life.
  • I have faith that good health is my natural birthright.
  • I have faith that the healing force within me will restore my health and strength because I am the ultimate instrument of my own healing.
  • I have faith that fate, the universe, and all of life assist me in my endeavors.
  • I am now working positively toward harmony in and with all of life.
  • Harmony, strength, and happiness are with me. And I share them with all of life, fully and openly.

Listen to the voice of love as it speaks to you in the silence. Come to trust and embrace this peaceful voice as it becomes the very “Sound of Silence” (thank you, Paul Simon).

Resolution of Inner Peace

When do you arrive at inner peace? Following are some guideposts on the road to that desired destination, as love subsumes fear and encompasses everything:

  • Think and act spontaneously – trust yourself to do so.
  • Enjoy each moment and “live in the moment.”
  • Forego harsh judgment of self and others.
  • Beware of conflict. When it’s unavoidable, navigate its waters with graciousness.
  • Respect the good and understand the less- than-good.
  • Notice worry for what it is, and melt it with faith.
  • Appreciate yourself and others.
  • Connect with all other life, with nature, and with the universe.
  • Live in profound joy – find it in every thought, act, gesture, and movement.
  • Give and receive unconditional love every day.
  • Feel and act in harmony with everything.

When the body, mind, and emotions learn to nourish themselves by sharing the wisdom of the spirit, love prevails, providing us with the most rewarding celebration that life has to offer. Let us accept the invitation gratefully and attend the celebration joyfully.


Fear Less Breaking the Techno Holiday Blues