In Stress Rx, Dr. Riley describes how constant anxiety and the cumulative effects of long term stress ca n severely affect our life. “Our stress response is triggered by the mind; fearful or worrisome thoughts that produce a chemical reaction in the body. When this fight-or-flight response is invoked by a situation we see as threatening, the hormones cortisol and epinephrine, also known as adrenaline, are released into the blood-stream. When this happens, the heart beats faster, blood pressure soars, the muscles tense and the extremities might feel cold and clammy,” he says. Some symptoms of harboring stress are obsessive thought patterns; all kinds of compulsive behavior towards sex, drugs, eating and drink­ing; and panic attacks, which feel like heart attack symptoms such as chest pains, rapid heartbeat, throat constriction, dizziness, trembling and shaking. These stress symptoms are often followed by feelings of despair, depression and fear that it might occur again. As Brian Clement states in the foreword to Dr. Riley’s book, “there is no better way to devas­tate your immune system than to have gnawing, destructive thoughts pervade your consciousness.”

Medical experts say that between 80-95% of illness today is stress related. Stress can cause nausea, migraines, insom­nia, and if prolonged, serious illness and disease. Stress Rx contains many suggestions on how to better handle a I most any life situation such as:

Know that it is okay to cry. Let the tears flow; don’t keep stress bottled up.

Pay close attention to gut feelings and physical symptoms like sharp pain, twinges, constipation, and trembling eyelids, cheeks and hands.

Chronic colds, sinus infections and rashes are all signs that something is out of balance.

When feeling attacked with aggressive or hostile behavior, don’t take it personally; instead practice patience and understanding. You are the target of someone else’s anger. Their behavior is a reflection of their inability to handle the stress in their lives.

Be mindful of your thoughts and reactions. It is amazing how a smile and a positive attitude quickly diffuse

Stress triggers eating disorders and phobias for every kind of life situation such as fear of illness, rejection, accidents, death, unfaithfulness, success, failure, being alone-the list is endless.

Virtually any form of exercise can decrease the production of stress hormones and counteract the body’s natural stress respond. Lack of exercise creates all kinds of physical havoc in the body. The ancient art of Tai Chi and yoga are non-competitive exercises using gentle stretching and flowing movements to reduce stress and improve agility.

Research has shown that music has a profound healing effete on the body and psyche. Hospitals are beginning to use music therapy to help with pain management and to ward off depression and anxiety.

These and other tips in Stress Rx teach those feeling any level of stress how to release and overcome the accumulated effects which can be damaging to the body and mind. Stress Rx is now available at the Hippocrates store and via mail-order.Vol 29 Issue 4 Page 55


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