This one week specialty program is an add-on 

to our Life Transformation Program


Does your chaotic life leave you feeling overstressed and void of energy?

Take one week to devote just to yourself. Join Hippocrates Health Institute for a week to detox and de-stress under the guidance of Edwin Riley, Ph.D., acclaimed author of Stress Rx™, a pioneer in the mindfulness-stress reduction movement and a long time Hippocrates Associate.


  • Learning how to scan the body to release tension and fatigue. Developing calmness, concentration and mindfulness.
  • Medical qigong. How to remove blocks, congestion, stagnation and pain from the physical and emotional body.
  • Perception and creative response: How you see things or don’t see them.
  • Discovering how there is more “right” with you than “wrong” with you regardless the problem. Meditative awareness is fundamental in that it is the only time anyone ever has to perceive, learn, grow or change.
  • Easy to learn techniques to awaken and cultivate energy from the bone marrow out to the skin. Muscle resistance training regardless of health condition.
  • How to be mindful in everything we do.


Dr. Riley completed a 600-hour, in-depth experiential doctoral internship on the principles and practices of mindfulness-based stress reduction. His first-hand training in the Clinic's methodology, and approach to learning, growth, human development, and healing lead Dr. Riley to create a comprehensive program model for his dissertation that he brings to Hippocrates.

Modeled after the internationally acclaimed Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center that has trained over 22,000 participants during its 35 year history, "Riley Stress Reduction" (RSR) mindfulness training cultivates awareness and attention to more easily observe changing conditions of mind and body through a combination of Qigong, Tai Chi, meditation, individual, and group therapies.

"Managing stress is perhaps the greatest solution to finding peace and balance in this 'Age of Uncertainty,' fast-paced lifestyles, failing global economies and self-imposed expectations," Dr. Riley explains. "Cultivating a stable and non-reactive present moment awareness with the Hippocrates lifestyle model and mindfulness component offers a complete package for physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being."

Participants supported in a group environment learn from one another to perceive themselves as being greater than their disease, illness, diagnosis or anxiety. This, in turn, greatly reduces stress associated with their condition allowing mobilization of resources for personal healing.

Stop allowing yourself to be reactive to stress.

"Furthermore, these are essential tools for self-actualization and prevention as well as disease and illness intervention," says Dr. Riley, former director of the South Florida Stress Reduction Clinic. "Learning how NOT to react long-term to negative stresses can be accomplished through regular daily formal and informal mindfulness/meditation practices. These are what participants will learn to bring about permanent change for wellness." 

In coping with stress, for years now considered a global epidemic by the World Health Organization, an individual is able to activate inner resources for healing as well as prevention. "Mindfulness" means being fully awake in our lives, even if we don't like where we are in the moment.

Meditation, one of the primary mindfulness tools, is the only intentional, systematic human activity which is NOT about trying to improve yourself or get anywhere else, but simply to realize where you already are. This brings calm and focus and action for healing into the life equation.

Program Dates for 2019

Jan 21 – 25 

Feb 18 – Feb 22     

Mar 18 – Mar 22

Apr 15 – Apr 19

May 20 – May 24

Jun 17 – Jun 21

Aug 19 – Aug 23

Sept 9 – Sept 13

Oct 14 – Oct 18

Nov 11 – Nov 15

Dec 9 – Dec 13