In the fall of 2015, I was given a copy of Brian Clements outstanding writing regarding supplements, “Supplement Exposed .” I read it over a five hour flight coast to coast, and marveled at the information, and science that it contained. I had spent the precious several years learning the nutritional basis of Nitric Oxide , how it is signaled, maintained and extended. I had also learned of different aspects of ingredients, antioxidants, organic powders, minerals, anti inflammatories and the expensive branding of some, versus the active ingredients in others. Several capable PHD’s in nutrition had collaborated with me over ingredients, combinations, therapeutic dosages, etc. in my quest to formulate the finest nitric oxide product in the marketplace. 


My manufacturing chemists, and advisors, continually questioned the insistence for only the finest ingredients in Cardio Miracle Vegan, as they had usually been asked to cut costs on ingredient.  Cardio Miracle Vegan’s approach is to spare no expense on the active ingredients, and managing the cost through larger production volumes, lower sales commissions and limited management costs. By creating a superior product, there is a greater retention by the knowledgeable customer after they experience the multiple benefits of nitric oxide. 


Brian expected all natural occurring , living plant based ingredients, modest flavor, and impeccable results in any product he would consider endorsing. After 9 months, numerous days in the labs, highly scrutinized sourcing and testing, Cardio Miracle Vegan was created. 


After introducing the product in October of 2016, hundreds of Hippocrates advocates, patients and staff have experienced the dramatic results of nitric oxide delivery from Cardio Miracle Vegan. 


Tee Wilson and the HHI store staff informed me that they have had dozens of reports from HHI patients with improved blood pressure readings within days on the formula . The Nobel Prize in medicine regarding the benefits of nitric oxide awarded in 1998, was based upon improved blood pressure, and numerous cardiovascular benefits from extended nitric oxide in the vessels.  Scientists discovered that many people have ADMA, a resistance to some ingredients for nitric oxide signaling, specifically l-arginine. Cardio Miracle’s pure and cutting edge ingredients signal nitric oxide through multiple pathways and extend it throughout the day and over night in overcoming some of the genetic and body chemistry resistance which enables nitric oxide delivery 24/7. 


Dr. Joshua Helman, noted Harvard/MIT trained physician, reported his blood pressure going to normal while taking Cardio. Oracle Vegan within three weeks. He had tried for a decade with multiple medications to reduce his elevated Blood pressure levels. He recently reported additionally that at his recent annual checkup every significant blood marker had improved, including the oxygen content in his blood. He is thrilled with the amazing results, and is now enthusiastically endorsing the product and its benefits to his patients, family and friends. 


Darlene Bento, one of Brian Clements executive assistants has been enjoying numerous compliments about her skin coloring and healthful appearance, and her other benefits since faithfully starting on Cardio Miracle a couple of months ago. Her dental hygienist also gave her high marks on her improved oral health, and diminished gum inflammation and bleeding!

Jojo a 53 year old female patron in north Florida saw nearly immediate relief from a decade of cracked skin and eczema on her hands, saying , Cardio Miracle had given her life back as a young mother. 

Another client reported being asked if they had gotten a face lift, as the skin color went from ashen pale, to robust and vibrant .


Judy Sorenson , also in Brian’s office reported after two doses, sleeping better then she had in years, and asked if nitric oxide helped with that too? The answer is yes. It is often one of the first things people notice when taking the product. When the body opens the capillaries in the lungs, dilates the vessels, it delivers more oxygen and blood flow to the cell which is connected to deeper and more restful sleep. Nitric oxides impact on improving lymphatic function aids in removing the toxins accumulated in the body, also contributing to better sleep. Judy also reported that the early morning dregs, and brain fog seemed to have lifted since starting  n the product. 

There are numerous reports of dozens of people cutting back their morning caffeine, and other stimulants in order to get going each day. So, after deeper and better sleep, nitric oxide helps wake up the brain every morning within minutes after taking the morning dose. 


Hippocrates Co-founder and icon, has reported dreaming in color, and even vivid youthful fantasies since his taking Cardio Miracle. He told me that he just wishes he could recreate his dreams physically at his Costa Rica retreat, but he has a big smile on his face just thinking about it. 


Many Hippocrates patrons have had the joy of being worked on by one of the finest therapists in the country, Linda Cloward. She is a lymphatic expert. She has squeezed my lymphatic network three times, and we have great sessions sharing the nitric oxide impact on the lymph system. I have learned many critical things while Linda runs her thumb down my legs, and neck about the lymphatic system. I recently found a clinical study from a few years ago that confirmed that the lymphatic system benefits tremendously from nitric oxide stimulation, by increasing the vessel contraction. I was excited  to share this information with Linda. She told me of her experience of her chronic kidney virus several months ago and how it responded and diminished when she started on daily Cardio Miracle. She hasn’t missed a day since in taking the product, and is enthusiastically recommending it to her patients as she skillfully massages their lymphatic system on her table at the Oasis Spa. Linda also looks more youthful, vibrant, and also feels sustained energy through the day of pushing lymph through hundreds of thousands of miles of vessels for the 5-6 patients a day she works on. 


Brian Clement again is the expert here, and you can read all about this aspect in the latest issues of Health and Wellness, and the extraordinary intimacy and sexual enhancement from nitric oxide delivery. 


To help with oral health issues, you can swish Cardio Miracle for a minute or two, and then swallow. Janet, age 60 reported from California of feeling her biofilms and mucus gathering  after the swishing, and said her mouth felt so much cleaner and fresher. 

Tina and Molly, traveling corporate chefs, reported amazing dental check ups, recovery from cleanings quicker, less gum pain and bleeding, and other improvements in oral health. 


Heidi, age 38 from Florida, a passionate HHI advocate reports having Cardio Miracle working quickly and efficiently with no side effects for her chronic pain issues. Her physician partner, is delighted to have his companion able to manage a congenital back issue with Cardio Miracle versus addictive drugs, and stomach and gut impacting pain relievers.

Ken age 70, from Utah, reports his neuropathy is virtually gone, and he is golfing 3 times a week, and playing pain free for the first time in years.

Vera , age 85, from California is now walking around her neighborhood with her husband, while before Cardio Miracle her legs and feet had such poor circulation and neuropathy pain that she could barely make it from the bedroom to the kitchen each day. 


Reports of better cholesterol ratios, from monitored patients being able to reduce and even eliminate Statin drugs with all the resultant side effects, and liver enzymes and triglycerides dropping to normal levels for the first time in years. 

You can research nitric oxide , and see many of these testimonials on you tube , search Cardio Miracle .  

OUR AIM WAS TO TOAST THE HHI LIFESTYLE Every day with Cardio Miracle Vegan. We can’t wait to hear the next testimonials and experiences. Email to 

Thank you Brian, Anna Marie, Viktoras , the staff, and patrons for helping make the nitric oxide revolution with Cardio Miracle Vegan happen at HHI. We invite all the HHI family and advocates to reclaim their lives and health, with knowledge, a plant centered diet, effective exercise(movement) and no quality EXPOSED supplementation that works, Cardio Miracle Vegan. 

Cardio Miracle


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