In 2004, a new diet book called “The Maker’s Diet” by Jordan S. Rubin caught my attention. There were several reasons I was interested in reading this book. The author, Jordan Rubin, said he had been cured of the same illness I once suffered from years ago – IBD – a disease I overcame on the HHI diet. But even more important, the book claimed to be the diet Our Creator gave us in The Scriptures. Hence, “The Maker’s diet.”

When I first saw “The Maker’s Diet” book I didn’t think I would like it. My compassion for animals made even the thought a of non-vegetarian diet upsetting – a feeling I understand I share with many vegetarians. However, with more study and understanding of The Scriptures, I came to see that this book was what it claimed to be, an exact diet our Maker gave us in His holy scriptures. I still believe the HHI diet is best and have the same compassion for animals, however I think “The Maker’s Diet” has many excellent points. After all, how can you go wrong with a diet prescribed by our own Maker?

I have been using the Bible as my health guide every since I first picked it up years ago, searching it for wisdom on health, diet and life. Because of my passion to clearly understand our Creator’s word about all topics including diet, I also searched for any health books based on the Bible. The most popular I found were, “The Genesis 1:29 Diet,” “Why Christians Get Sick,” by Hallelujah Acres and “The Maker’s Diet.” I also found a bunch of excellent health writings by Seventh-day Adventist Ellen White.

Basically these books, along with Ellen White’s writings, conclude that practicing temperance while eating is one of the most important pieces of diet advice the Scriptures give. Another common thread: they all agreed we should strive to eat our food under ideal conditions, dining in a good stress-free environment and, of course, giving thanks for our food.

The Maker’s diet, however, was the only one to state that meat and animal products, such as milk and eggs, should be included in our diets. Was it just a book telling people what they wanted to hear and giving people an excuse to eat meat? Or was it a well researched book based on Biblical principles that has merit to it?

Author Jordan Rubin is in excellent health. The book quickly became a best seller. And the Bible does say it is okay to consume certain clean meats and animal products if one makes that choice.

What exactly is The Maker’s diet?

It’s a diet consisting mostly of fruits, vegetables, wild grain and seeds, as well as fish, meat from wild animals, and raw, unpasteurized dairy products. The book is easy to read, understand and apply and is based on our Maker’s diet plan.

The book also has entire chapters dedicated to other health topics such as raw whole food supplements, probiotics and fiber from flax and chia. It discusses practicing advanced hygiene, elements of emotional health such as the importance of forgiveness and exercise. It also covers body therapies such as sunlight, essential oils, deep breathing, music therapy and, of course, prayer. From The Jacket of “The Maker’s Diet”

“All of God’s laws are like His law of gravity — they can’t be changed. Our Creator specifically designed us to function best on The Maker’s diet . In order to benefit from His plan, we must examine exactly which foods are unclean, unhealthy, or unacceptable according to both God and science.”

I find “The Makers Diet” to be biblically correct. It states the food for man is fruits and vegetables and also includes meat.

We must consume a good variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, but we also need meat and animal products, “The Maker’s Diet” claims. I agree The Scriptures do say it is okay to consume certain clean animals if it is done according to Our Creator’s guidelines, however I don’t believe that we must include them. I know millions of people who do fine on a vegan diet. My reading of The Scriptures suggest that the original diet for man is a vegan diet and that our life spans were cut short once we began eating animals.

Is The Maker’s diet a good diet and will it give good long-term results?

There are many factors that contribute to good health, so the answer does not rest solely in the meat-or-no-meat debate. I know people who do fine eating some meat and other animal products, and I know people who dine on meat and aren’t doing well. I know people who are thriving on vegan diet and others who aren’t. Hippocrates Health Institute has done many studies that conclude that leaving meat out of the diet is ideal. But, authur Jordan Rubin has shown if the quality of the meat is not destroyed by man, people can live healthfully with animal products.

Many health books argue that animal products are never okay to eat based on good research, but much of that research does not consider other factors such as the drugs added to many meats, or how the meats are processed and cooked. And what about the question of people eating too much meat?

“The Maker’s Diet” does argue that if a person decides to consume milk or eggs, raw from a pastured organic source is best. I strongly agree. “The Maker’s Diet” doesn’t address whether meat should be eaten raw, though I know some raw fooders who practice that. I believe we should never eat raw meat.

After a lot of study and prayer, I have come to the conclusion that the quality of the food is very important. Also, I attribute illness to how much people eat and when. There is a big difference between eating animal products once a week and during daytime hours and eating animal products every night and right before bedtime.

Overeating and the resulting under-sleeping can be more harmful than what a person eats. Even raw vegan foods can cause illness if they are eaten too much, too often at the wrong times.

How does The Maker’s diet compare to the HHI diet and all the others on the market?

I believe The Maker’s diet is an excellent transition diet on which people can thrive if they follow it strictly. It is very practical in today’s world to get your nutrients from fruits and vegetables and animal products. Many vegans fail to thrive when they do not take the time to research and ensure they are eating the correct variety of good quality of vegan foods.

I know there are many people who not only for health reasons but also for moral reasons do not want to consume animals. I am one of those people. However, it is important to note that if you are going to leave animal products out of your diet, the importance of green sprouts, green leafy foods, seaweeds and bean sprouts grows. In fact, I would say the only way to be a healthy vegan is on the HHI diet.

I believe The Maker’s diet is an excellent alternative for people who do not want to make the effort to live by an ideal diet like the HHI diet. Just giving up animal products but continuing to eat a vegan junk food diet is not ideal and too common. However if a person does the research and makes the effort they can see the HHI diet is not as hard to follow as it seems and the results can be far more rewarding than any other way of eating. I still feel the HHI diet is the ultimate, but if you’re not ready to go there, The Maker’s diet is a close second.

“Most of us eat great quantities of food frequently based on convenience. In fact, the entire fast-food and TV-dinner industries have flourished due to our fast-paced lifestyles that demand we eat convenience foods.

Unfortunately, the Creator didn’t design our bodies to operate at optimum levels on junk food, fast food, or prepackaged foods prepared in microwave ovens. His laws that govern our entire human nature, including our health, bring consequences when violated, whether or not we accept the fact that they are still in place.

Just 100 years ago or less, the diet of the average person was dramatically different from what we call table fare today. Widespread corporate mono-agriculture with concentration on single-crop specialties and chemical fertilizers and pesticides was unheard of then, so the typical diet consisted mostly of fruits, vegetables, wild grain and seeds, fish, meat from wild animals, and raw, unpasteurized dairy products.”

Today,with all that we have learned, legitimate science supports a totally plant-based diet, as was discussed biblically before we sinned.

All quotes and information taken from “The Maker’s Diet” by Jordan S. Rubin, with permission.

  1. Published in April, 2004
  2. More than 2 million copies in print
  3. Appeared on the New York Times Bestseller list for 47 weeks
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