Traveling puts most of us into unfamiliar territory. What is the best way to stay vegan and incorporate as much raw foods as possible? Reduce any stress by remembering the following:

  1. Always take your algae products and all-purpose digestive enzymes with you to fulfill basic high-octane nutritional requirements.
  2. When you buy airplane tickets, whether in person, by phone, or online, be sure to request vegan meals. Then call 24 hours before departure to confirm fulfillment of your request. If vegan meals are not available, bring your own sprout salad or ripe fruit. Also follow this procedure when you travel by train. Most health-minded people would not consume airline food yet they raise consciousness by offering it to other passengers.
  3. When you travel by car or bus, bring a cooler loaded with fresh vegetables and sprouts. If you are on the road for days, replenish your stock with the best produce that you can find. Use local resources or the Internet to locate healthy food and dietary delights.
  4. When you travel to foreign countries, especially those in the developing world, take what nuts and seeds you can, and soak or sprout along the way. Also carry some food-grade hydrogen peroxide to help wash some pesticide residues from your vegetables and fruits. If it is not available, use vinegar as a substitute. Be sure to rinse with purified water after.




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