When a patient with numerous physical complaints is seen for the initial office visit, many of the important organs of the body are toxic and sluggish, not functioning at their optimal capacity. The initial step in treating this patient is referred to as drainage.

Before repainting a house, the first thing to do is to remove all dirt and dust. The walls are first washed and the floors swept clean. After this is done, fresh coats of paint are applied, and the renovation process proceeds. In a similar vein, specific herbal drainage formulas cleanse the body, by stimulating the excretion systems of the liver and lymph, to rid the body of toxins that have accumulated over time. Younger You’s Liver Cleanse and Lymph Cleanse will accomplish drainage of these two key elimination systems.

The process of drainage will reduce toxicity in the body, but organ function may still remain sluggish and susceptible to future physical, emotional, and nutritional stressors. These organs now need to be tonified and strengthened in the same way that you would build muscles at the gym. It is the aim of regeneration formulas to stimulate the process of the natural renewal of the key organs and glands such as the pancreas, liver, thyroid, and adrenals. These formulas are called Pancreas Plus, Liver Plus, Thyroid Plus, and Adrenal Plus.

The regeneration formulas that are used are homeopathic, in that they are dilutions of substances from nature. They have been specially formulated to enhance the regenerative process, which can be described as follows:

Each organ system, while connected to the essential life force or chi of a person, is also a unique bioenergy system, vibrating at a certain resonant frequency. An imbalance in the organ’s frequency represents a disturbance in its bioenergy, and slows the process of doing what it knows to do naturally – that is, to regenerate and renew itself.

To do this, cells and organs need energy combined with a specific input of certain frequencies that correlate to the weakened organ. They need the right amount of energy coupled with the right message. The ideal regenerative formula is a booster shot of subtle energy that imprints specific frequencies into the matrix of an organ, ultimately returning the organ to its natural resonant vibration.

The next important issue during the first month is the restoration of deep, uninterrupted sleep. Most people when they are not feeling well do not get restful sleep. They either cannot fall asleep or awaken throughout the night, frequently being unable to get back to sleep. The two formulas, Restore Rhythm, and Sleep Well, are designed to restore the natural sleep cycle. Take them right before going to sleep. The dose of Restore Rhythm is 10 drops under the tongue; that of Sleep Well is 2 tablets under the tongue.

The formulas taken during the second month address the adrenal glands, and the sex hormones. The adrenal glands sit atop the kidneys, and secrete “stress hormones:” namely cortisol and DHEA. When we are subjected to repeated stressors, whether it is emotional, physical, or nutritional, the adrenal glands are stimulated to maintain homeostasis within the body. With prolonged stress, the adrenals are unable to secrete the proper amount of these hormones. The first symptoms are fatigue, poor sleep, and an inability to deal with stressful situations. We have four Adrenal Formulas designed to address this state of adrenal fatigue.

The sex hormone formulas can enhance one’s response to either their own hormones or to Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Many people are taking bio-identical hormones – namely estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone  in order to restore the reduced levels of hormones that are frequently encountered during peri-menopause, menopause, and andropause.

By taking Estrogen Balance and Progesterone Balance along with these bio-identical hormones, one is able to enhance the body’s receptivity to these hormones, and prevent toxicity that might occur from taking too high a dose. The same applies for men who are taking Testosterone Balance to complement their bio-identical testosterone. We recommend that you continue to take these hormone balancing formulas as long as you are using bio-identical hormones.

The Younger You formulas can be taken twice daily, right before breakfast and dinner. The dose is 10 drops (1/3 of a dropper) each and is held, one formula at a time, under the tongue for 20 seconds to enhance absorption before swallowing.

We recommend that these products be combined with healthy nutrition, exercise, and modalities such as meditation and yoga to reduce stress. We are confident that you will be able to enhance your health with our two-month Younger  You Program.

Can be purchased from the HHI store, 471-561-8876.

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