John Milner of the National Cancer Institute admits that at least over 1/3 of all cancers are diet related. As any government/industry research is profit motivated they are in the thralls of seeing how the pharmaceuti­cally produced selenium and vitamin E prevents prostate cancer and have come up with a new marketing name called “Nutrigenomics”.

Their latest ploy in making more profit from the unfortunate cancer af­flicted is to research 32,000 middle-aged men and link the benefit of supplemental use in their prevention and healing of their disease. Well aware of the overwhelming evidence that life-long diets on plant based foods dramatically lower cancer rates you’d think that the National health organizations would be spending all of their time, effort and money in the pursuit of educating the public to the importance of a vegetarian, green food lifestyle. Thank goodness recently they have clearly stated that obesity increases risks of cancers of such origin as uterine, gall bladder, colon, prostate, etc. When consuming a diet that is vegan and living we estimate there would be an enormous reduction in the chance of contracting any form of cancer.

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