Discover the healthful benefits of homemade 100% steam distilled/filtered water. You will enjoy the full-bodied flavors of tea, lemonade, juice and all your favorite beverages made with purified water. Taste clear, pure ice that doesn’t taint your thirst-quenching drink. And, reveal the natural flavors of your fruits and vegetables washed and rinsed in purified water without unhealthy contaminants found in most tap waters.

You’ll love the stylish Waterwise 9000® because it eliminates your water quality concerns by transforming ordinary tap water into pure steam distilled. More effective and reliable than a filter or reverse osmosis, the 9000 combines distillation with carbon filtration for guaranteed consistent water purity gallon after gallon!

Yes, its purity made simple. Just fill the removable boiler with tap water, press the start button and it automatically shuts off when done! The contemporary, space-saving design of the Waterwise 9000 looks great in any décor and it’s made in the USA.

Shouldn’t you make sure your drinking water is the purest possible? Take charge of your water quality with the Waterwise 9000 Purifier.

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