This Ohio man has found the perfect recipe for a healthier lifestyle.

Mark Meyer Sr. is living large these days and it’s all because he made the decision to downsize. This summer, he has spent countless hours completing chores that once seemed impossible. He mows the grass, shovels and unloads mulch, and performs yard work around the house.

For most men, these seem like mundane tasks. But for Mark, working outside has been a liberating experience.

It wasn’t long ago when Mark, a 58-year- old pastor from Bellevile, Ohio, weighed 295 pounds. After his blood-sugar level spiked to 400 in April 2017, he had very little energy and became easily fatigued.

His declining health alarmed his wife, an avid health enthusiast who lives a vegan lifestyle. She recommended that Mark enroll in the popular weight-loss program at Hippocrates.

Mark took her advice. From a health standpoint, it turned out to be the wisest decision he has ever made. After spending the first 10 days detoxifying his body, his energy level was suddenly supercharged.

“I was amazed that it only took 10 days to make me feel energetic and alive again,” says Mark, who entered the program in early April. “It was the best I felt in many, many years.”

That newfound energy allowed Mark to awake every morning at 5 a.m. and work out in a gym. Afterward, he spent two hours swimming and then one hour walk- ing around the Hippocrates campus.

“Even after all that, I still had lots of energy,” he says.

During the three-week program, he was also introduced to a new eating regimen consisting of raw, plant-based food such as snap peas, cucumbers, carrots, and sprouts. Wednesdays were for fasting, which shifts the body into burning fat for fuel rather than sugar.

By the time the program was complete, Mark had dropped 23 pounds.

“To lose that much weight in three weeks is just amazing,” he says. “I was so impressed with Hippocrates because the facility is top-notch and the staff goes above and beyond to make everyone feel welcome. The lectures were very informative, and the education I received from going there is invaluable.”

Receiving expert advice on nutrition and exercise has helped shed light and weight on topics Mark knew little about. He is now applying that knowledge in everyday life to ensure his uphill weight-loss battle does not turn into a downhill slide.

Since returning to his home in Ohio, he started a garden and is now growing wheatgrass, pea sprouts, buckwheat, broccoli, and mung beans. He also walks several miles daily, lifts weights, and

receives infrared sauna treatments to relax and detoxify his body.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle has paid big dividends. He has lost 17 more pounds since leaving Hippocrates and maintains a healthy blood-sugar level.

“I can get up and go all day, and that is such a wonderful feeling. I don’t want to go back to feeling sluggish and fatigued all the time, so it’s important that I always remember where I came from. It’s also important to remember that there is no magic pill or surgery that will solve a weight problem. It’s all about proper nutrition and exercise.


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