How often do you water the grass?

Twice a day, heavy (until dripping)


How often do you soak the seeds?

8-12 hours (overnight) in fresh, filtered water


When is it ready to harvest?

When a second blade becomes visible


Will the grass grow back a second time?

Yes, but the second growth has lost 50% nutrition


How long will it last after it is cut?

Five days in the refrigerator.


How much should I drink?

2 ounces on an empty stomach – 2 times per day

What kind of seed should I use?

Hard red winter wheat (wheat berries)


What kind of soil is needed?

Basic organic potting mix or top soil with peat moss – search out organic


What do I do about mold?

Air circulation, rinse off after harvest


How long does it take to grow?

8-12 days, depending on weather, slower in cold climates


How much light does it need?

Very little, never direct sunlight


What about frozen or powdered grass?

They are fair alternatives, not substitutes


What is the best temperature?

Anywhere between 65-75°F (18-24°C)


How do I harvest my wheatgrass?

A sharp knife or a pair of scissors


After I juice my grass, how long does it last?

Try to drink it immediately, up to 15 min


What type of growing tray is needed?

Small or large square, with holes for drainage


Do I need to add anything to my grass?

No, just use quality seed and good soil


What about hydroponic wheatgrass?

Yes, but soil grown is best for many reasons


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