Summer temperatures soar around the country as the GMO labeling debate in Washington heats up again.  The winds of the Vermont GMO labeling bill taking effect July 1 has increased pressure to change directions. Simmering for three months with secret negotiations between Agriculture Committee Chairman Roberts and Ranking Member Stabenow over the GMO labeling of food and salmon,  a compromise labeling bill has emerged. Out of the smoldering defeat of the Dark Act, the new version was published on July 23rd.  It has no number at this time and we don’t know how and when attempts will be made to insert it in agendas. (The POP Campaign experts have reviewed the bill and posted an analysis on FB and at )

Anti-Labeling Senators were adamant that there needed to be a QR scan code option and a two-year outGMO  label if they were going to compromise for mandatory labeling. (This options still cloaks the content of a product from the busy shopper.) . Senator Stabenow, who has always said she believes GMOs are safe and has received over $1 million from Monsanto Industry donors, nevertheless stood firm on the mandatory labeling component for her constituents – and has helped orchestrate a compromised version.  We don’t agree with this compromise, although kudos to her for standing up as best as she can…we need more. 

Adding to the bias, the finer points of the labeling requirements will be left to the USDA Secretary to hammer out…..who was at one time a Monsanto employee. (Who said anything about a fox in the hen house?)  

WE CAN DO THIS…we almost have this victory….we need hard push-back calls to your Senators (House Reps too if you have time).  it is better to the leave the patchwork of state laws in place rather than to put through a bill that has the weaknesses and is not fair to all Moms and Dads across this Country.  

The message to your Senator is simple : We want a clear consumer friendly access labeling of GMO food – now.  If you want to go further, maybe something like this: 

All food and food products available to consumers in the United States shall be labeled clearly whether or not it contains any Genetically Engineered ingredients, disclosing 100% of any ingredient directly or indirectly derived from a GMO source or Genetically altered gene. “

 Attempts are being made for a  “midnight slip-in” vote, folding a provision into a larger bills or measures at the last minute.  The POP Campaign remains vigilant for you…(we hate sneaky maneuvers)….check FB and our site for updates. 

This would be a major victory foot print for your children and generations to come.  Please see the list below of members who voted the correct way last time stopping the Monsanto maneuvering …these are your friends on this issue…let’s encourage them to hold firm. (Senator Stabenow appears to be switching her vote based on her compromise language, we do not know for certain) .  There is no compromise at this time…..we demand transparency in our food and food choices…this is our Right..


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