Filling oneself up with positive actions, maintaining an attitude of adventure and looking for the best in everything will fill you up with so much life you will not have any room to give yourself a disorder. So much of our time goes into pondering difficulties and manifesting worry it is no wonder people are touched by illness.

Norman Cousins, a layperson, was the first significant figure to validate the happiness scenario. Laughter was his medicine to heal his personal disease. His teaching of this has helped millions of others to understand the importance of light heart, light mind recovery.

When you are under a waterfall you can allow the water to roll off your back, soothing and relaxing you, or you can look up, inhale water, and drown. We literally each choose to relegate ourselves to certain mindsets. When in a positive mental environment we can create significant health. On a daily basis here at Hippocrates, we spend a lot of time helping people to fill their lives with optimistic viability. Those that shed their limitations from negative focus sail to recovery.

Their happiness ticket can be cashed in for improved blood profiles and elimination of existing and potential disorders. Over the decades Hippocrates notoriety has come from thousands who have healed themselves on the program. Now you know one of the greatest secrets as to how this is accomplished.

Each day you should have a happy hour when you do what ever makes you happy. Increase that happy hour every day until you can be happy 24 hours a day. When looking forward to the joy of the next moment and the humor of every experience there is a dramatic shift in the desire one has for living. “Tomorrows” are not a burden when “todays” are fun. We are often asked by those afflicted with supposed large diseases how they can get from feeling as though they will die to feeling like they want to live life in total happiness. The answer is quite apparent. First they must put the current situation in perspective and realize that generally, this is a fractional part of time out of their whole life. Second, they should gather together all the positive memories and successful events so to honor these occasions and reflect that these times are really who and what we are. When achieving this, the current problem shrinks to a tiny bump in the road and enlarged spirit is heightened to fulfillment, which can rapidly eradicate the monster we have allowed to manifest.

Years ago I asked my 106-year-old friend how he thought he had lived so long. His answer was short and clear. Quite simply he said, “By enjoying every minute that I am alive”. Ask for the greatest of healing by creating the largeness of happiness.

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