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Hippocrates Health Institute offers immersive programs to nourish you completely in mind, body and spirit. Lay back in a hammock on our lush campus, relax during a holistic massage, move with yoga and fitness classes, learn in daily lectures and workshops, and enjoy chef prepared nutrient rich raw vegan cuisine. Take the time to invest into your health and future. You're worth it.

Life Transformation Program

The Hippocrates Life Transformation Program (LTP) is the world's most comprehensive, natural treatment plan that stimulates and supports the human body's incredible ability to restore wellness through an organic, raw vegan plant-based diet.

Weight Loss Academy

The Hippocrates Weight Loss Academy is the world's most comprehensive, and natural weight-loss plan. The miraculous shedding of unwanted fat is effortlessly achieved by consuming abundant volumes of organic, raw, plant-based foods.

Life Transformation Mastery

During this 14-day program, you will gain a deeper understanding of the various health and healing modalities and techniques used at the Hippocrates Health Institute, complementing your knowledge from the 3-week Life Transformation Program.

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Hippocrates Health Institute is committed to educating the world to ensure a healthier future for both you and the planet.

In This Issue: Roads to Recovery - A special section highlighting 10 different stories from guests who have experienced true transformation from the programs offered at Hippocrates.