Darbster’s mission is to better the community by promoting health for humans and compassion for animals. Our goal is to show people they can have a great restaurant experience without ingesting any animals or animal by-products. As people enjoy more frequent plant-based meals, they will begin to see the health benefits of an animal-free diet. This will lead to a broader understanding of the harm animal products do to the environment and of the evils behind factory farming. Darbster offers a friendly neighborhood place where vegans and non-vegans alike can  experience vegan cuisine and discover that we vegans can be normal, mainstream folks. We also allow groups whose interests are aligned with ours to host events at Darbster.

When we formed Darbster Food, LLC (the operating company for the restaurant) we also formed Darbster Foundation, Corp. to promote animal care and animal rights issues in the local community. Any profits from Darbster Food will go 100% to Darbster Foundation. Darbster Foundation will have no administrative expenses; 100% of funds donated will go to direct support of animal causes. www.Darbster.com

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