The researchers culled 100 volunteers and asked them to keep track of their moods and to jot down the types of food they craved during different emotional states. “We found that most of us have definite food preferences based on our emotions,” Waters says. Some common emotions and the types of food responses they elicit:

  1. Loneliness: liquid foods, such as soup or milk shakes
  2. Amusement: spicy, salty, crunchy foods
  3. Worry: unheated sweets, such as candy bars
  4. Anger: unheated solids
  5. Happiness: soft foods
  6. “We found that there is very common agreement that, say, anger is a hard emotion; thus there may be something about the activity of crunching and clenching the teeth that would lead someone to prefer hard, crunchy foods when angry,” says Waters. “A soft emotion, such as happiness might be more associated with soft food.

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