Hippocrates Health Institute (HHI), is a non-profit organization located in West Palm Beach, Florida. Under the direction of an educated and compassionate staff, guests from all over the world benefit from health and nutritional counseling. We continue to grow our group of Hippocrates staff members with those who are passionate about Hippocrates’ mission and vision as well as what Hippocrates signifies in the world today.

  • Fitness Centers
  • Mineral Pools
  • Walking Paths
  • Open to our Daily Living Foods Buffet
  • Discounted service rates
  • Wheatgrass and Green juice availability
  • Medical & Dental coverage
  • 401k


Executive VP

We are seeking an experienced and compassionate Executive VP to join our team in our Health & Wellness Facility. Must be a vibrant and dynamic personality with A LOT of energy and a sincere passion for working with guests and provide peace of mind through quality care.

The EVP position leads and directs the overall operation of the facility in accordance with guests needs, government regulations the communities’ policies and procedures. This position also maintains excellent service quality, high occupancy, and meets corporate financial goals within established budgetary guidelines.


  • Responsible for all operations, acting as contact for all staff, guests, prospects, community organizations, government agencies and the public.
  • Provides leadership for staff and guests including proactively solving problems and resolving issues.
  • Works in conjunction with Directors to develop annual operating budgets and capital budgets. Continually explore means of revenue enhancement and expense reduction.
  • Fosters creativity and maintains an atmosphere of stability among staff to deliver the highest quality and best services to support the personal dignity of guests in the most economical manner possible in an effort to meet and exceed occupancy goals for the community.
  • Develops and maintains a positive image within the community by becoming active in social and civic affairs of the local community, representing the facility and the company to governmental agencies, professional organizations, community groups and other appropriate public agencies/groups
  • Ensures buildings, grounds and property are up to company standards through the oversight of preventative maintenance systems and programs, and frequent inspections that meet company standards of excellence.



  Hippocrates Health Institute is seeking a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse for the following position:



Holistic Health Nurse/Counselor


Must have special training that allows focus on an individual patient’s goals. Must also provide individualistic relief by helping and exemplifying trust and compassion for a guest’s mental, emotional and spiritual health. Works with other departments to ensure quality service. Teaches guests vitamin and mineral therapy and oxygen therapy.



1. Teaches Vitamin and mineral therapies to guests.

2. Promotes good health to prevent or stave off current health condition.

3. Educate guests to their various medical conditions; and help in their rehabilitation. Provide emotional support to guest’s                   families with but not limited to cancer, kidney disorders, respiratory problems, asthma, and liver disorders.

4. Watches and monitors high blood pressure, diabetes, and counsels guests on a healthy raw/vegan lifestyle.

5. Administers oxygen treatments to guests as prescribed by physician.

6. Interfaces with physician on a daily basis helping with written protocols for guests

7. Ensures guest satisfaction by constant and never ending improvement strategies (CANI)

8. Assists guests by answering questions regarding the HHI program.

9. Follow-ups with return phone calls to former guests.

10. Assembles vitamin and mineral Implant kits.

11. Keeps and maintain inventory of supplies

12. Makes copies of all informational forms for distribution

13. Assists guests with questions or concerns about oxygen therapies.

14. Assists guests with actual oxygen therapies while maintaining a high level of excellence.

15. Knowledgeable and answers guests medical questions and concerns on a daily basis

16. Provides a safe and comfortable environment for guests for maximum satisfaction.

17. Interacts with all departments to provide proper service to our guests and to answer any questions that may arise.

18. Learn complete operations and usage of all modalities and protocols via Omdamed.


1. Must be a license registered nurse (RN) or License Practical Nurse (LPN) and Bachelor Degree of Science in                    Nursing preferred but not required

2. Knowledge in alternative complementary medicine/Integrative or holistic experience is a plus

3. Knowledge of HHI Program is beneficial but not required.


Working conditions are full time for this type of work environment and can require weekend and/or evening work.


Other Duties May include:

• Provides health consults to guests – recommends foods and therapies to support health goals

• Supports biofeedback and energy testing as needed

• Supports retinal scan as needed

• Supports IV therapy as needed

• Supports oxygen therapy as needed (such as hyperbaric)

• Supports lectures if needed

• Supports electro-magnetic therapy and other adjunct therapies as needed

• Email and phone support of guest questions

• Basic first aid as needed


  We offer Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, Disability and 401K


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