Over the decades we have been searching for reliable information on the dangers of cell phones, electromagnetic fields, chemical pollutants, and other hazards. Our greatest concern has been the proliferation of mobile phone use throughout the world. We estimate that Europe and Asia are IO years ahead of North America in the distribution, technology and usage of these dangerous devices. Many falsely believe that using earpieces reduces the risk of cancer. An Italian study showed instead that earpieces, in fact, localized the electro—magnetic frequency thereby focusing and deepening the tumor’s position. Others believe that carrying them on your belt or in your pocket is safer; yet, this simply broadens the electro—magnetic disruption to all of the body’s systems.

There are ways to protect yourself when using cell phones. On the Internet, you can find earpieces with (EMF) electro—magnetic field interrupters. We at Hippocrates, as others, distribute magnets to place on your phones that reduce their output of dangerous frequencies. Curtailing use is the best way to prevent the risk of potential illness. Carrying your phone in either a purse or attache case with an electro—magnetic prevention earpiece, however, is helpful for the times when you must use your phone.

Cell phone use while driving is another major danger, causing tens of thousands of accidents, many of which lead to death, globally each year. As a result, many countries have now banned cell use while driving. Some automobiles offer phone service that is built into your radio and speaker system; it may be safer from an electro—magnetic standpoint, but the risk of your mind wandering and not focusing on the important job of driving remains. Flexible communication, in the form of cellular phones, is here to stay So, to preserve your own health and the health of others, tailor its usage in your daily routines: turn them off as much as possible and refrain from using them during family and social functions. Unplugging yourself and taking focused, private time for contemplation, reflection and communion with others will yield great benefits!

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Common Pesticides and their Profound Effect Electro-Magnetic Fields and Radio / Microwaves