The strength of hazardous electro-magnetic fields can vary drastically from one spot to another. Direct and indirect evidence suggests that AC electric and magnetic fields increase the risk of certain cancers and other physiological and psychological abnormalities. How this happens is not fully understood but both magnetic and electric AC fields that surround the body can produce AC electric current inside the body. The best available theory is that this current interferes with the normal transport of ions across cell membranes.

At a continuous exposure of about one billionth of an amp of AC current per square centimeter, biological effects begin to be observed. At five times that level an increase in protein production in cancer cells is seen, but when the field is increased 100 times further, the increase in protein production is only 3 times greater. If the cell-membrane-interference theory is correct, the body should be sensitive to current at any frequency up to 1000 HZ. Based on the above evidence it would be prudent to avoid continuous exposure to any electro-magnetic pollution that produces AC current inside the body higher than one-billionth amp per square centimeter at frequencies of 1000 HZ or below.

Outside power transmission lines and transformers do not generally contribute as much magnetic field as does internal wiring. Other magnetic sources include video displays, motorized clocks and other equipment, electric blankets and heaters, fluorescent lights and light dimmers and the transformers that are inside consumer devices. Electric fields can be easily shielded using a grounded metal screen or foil, which are readily available. Radio/ Microwave fields, including door seals around microwave ovens and cellular phones need shielding. In the U.S., radars and FM transmitters can legally expose residents to moderately high power levels.

If you have “hot” spots in your home or office you can move furniture, cribs or beds to reduce exposure. You can take corrective action to avoid long-term exposure to appliances that emit high electro-magnetic pollution levels. Be aware of the electrical equipment you are using, including cellular phones, TV screens, fluorescent lights, electric blankets, microwave ovens, even CB radios. Take appropriate precautions in this high-tech age. In our homes and places of work, prolonged personal exposure to non-ionizing electro-magnetic pollution can pose a health risk. The present body of knowledge concerning this effect on the human body and its health hazards is continually being updated. We can and should take precautions in order to protect our loved ones and ourselves. Hippocrates shop offers electro-magnetic shield devices for your protection.

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