Time to Have Silver

For those who want to have colloidal silver in their medicine cabinet, whether for scrapes and cuts or for helping to get over a cold or flu, a safe and efficacious formula is desirable. Among colloidal silver preparations today, Sovereign Silver from Natural Immunogenics of Miami, Florida, represents the highest degree of science and innovation. Natural-Immunogenics founder and Hippocrates alumnus, Stephen Quinto has taken the science of colloidal silver production to new levels. With a focus on research, his company has to date tested 53 different commercial brands of colloidal silver. Comparing the bactericidal efficiency of these products with Sovereign Silver, they range disappointingly from very poor to only the upper end of mediocre.

Colloidal Silver & Particle Physics

To appreciate what Natural-Immunogenics has accomplished requires a minimal appreciation of particle physics. This is the branch of physics dealing with the constitution, properties and interactions of elementary particles such as atoms and electrons. It is also called high-energy physics. All colloidal silver preparations are solutions with sub-microscopic particles of electrically charged pure silver suspended in them. The best product contains the largest number of particles from the smallest total amount of silver. However, silver raw materials delivered to manufacturers of colloidal silver preparation must be both reduced to the smallest possible particle size through electrochemical processes as well as ionized (or electrically charged). Ionization is key. We now know that in ionization, a neutral atom or group of atoms becomes an ion by gaining or losing one or more electrons or protons. When the charged particles in a colloidal silver preparation are ionized with the same charge, they repel each other and present greater surface. This enhances the “antibiotic” powers if the preparation allowing for the smallest possible dosage. Unfortunately, not all colloidal silver preparations contain highly charged particles. This leads to flocculation and reduced efficiency. Although all silver is bactericidal, the operative issue is how quick will it work and at what dosage. The cutting edge research at Natural-Immunogenics has produced a very low concentration with stunning “antibiotic” properties.

More On Why 10 Parts Per Million?

The Environmental Protection Agency has, for health purposes, established the daily reference dose for silver in drinking water at 350 micrograms (mg) and a critical dose at 1400 mg. In contrast, international health bodies, such as the World Health Organization, have removed such limitations for silver since its toxicity is very low. How can parts per million (ppm) be converted to mg? One teaspoon of 10-ppm sovereign Silver contains 50 mg of silver. Thus, even if Sovereign Silver were to be used as frequently as seven times a day, it would only then approach the EPA reference dose, well below the critical dose. For most people, such uses are only for short periods during acute phases of illness. By contrast, if one were to purchase a 500-ppm formula, only one dose per day would be well above the EPA reference dose. But what about efficacy? In-vitro studies, conducted both by Natural-Immunogenics and other independent researchers demonstrate that even at 10 ppm, the antibacterial powers of Sovereign Silver are superior to these higher-dose formulas. The bottom line is that Natural-Immunogenics has been able to generate far more fully charged particles in its 10-ppm formula than all these other companies, even at concentrations 50 times greater. “The American public too easily succumbs to the belief that more is better, but this is hardly so,” notes Mr. Quinto. “A 10 ppm formula allows up to seven doses in a day without exceeding the EPA reference dose.”

Figure 1: How Sovereign Silver (10 PPM Formula) Compares With Other High-Dose Formulas

                                                   Once a Day                                                Power Dose 4-5 Times Daily   

10 ppm                                   50 mg                                                                  200-250 mg

50 ppm                                   250 mg                                                                1,000- 1,250 mg

100 ppm                                 500 mg                                                               2,000-2,500 mg

500 ppm                                 2,500 mg                                                            10,000-12,500 mg

Sovereign Silver strikes the proper balance between efficacy and safety. The preparation is becoming more and more available at natural health centers and from health professionals around the world.

For more information call Natural-Immunogenics toll free at (888) 328-8840 or go to their website at www.natural-immunogenics.com . Hippocrates Health Institute Shop carries all three sizes, 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz & 2 oz spray.

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