In today’s fast paced society, with families trying to fit everything into their collective schedule, the temptation to use TV or electronic games to babysit is easy to fall for; especially for homes with multiple children. While one child is at soccer practice, the second child is often in the car watching videos, or playing games, or using social media to “be” with her friends. Then it’s time for her dance class, and the roles are reversed, with the first child waiting in the car, eating a burger from a fast food place, while Mom or Dad is trying to figure out how they are going to make the weekend work out with all the activities, practices, and chores that need to be accomplished. It can turn into a merry-go-round with the ride never stopping long enough for anyone to catch their breath.

Slowing down that merry-go-round is a good place to start growing healthy kids. Instead of participating in every possible activity there is out there, choose a few to talk to your children about; let them know the sacrifices and adjustments that will need to be made in the family schedule for them to participate to a greater degree, and make sure they want to do this. If being on the soccer team means they will miss a birthday party or two through the season, are they willing to make that sacrifice? Do they understand that making a decision to fully participate in something, often will preclude them from participating in something else? Do they understand the effect that their actions will have on the lives of others in their family? Oftentimes, decisions are made in a family without talking about the consequences with the children, and the children then repeat that learned behavior throughout their lives.

In the world we live in today, teaching your children to respect the earth, their bodies and their environment is critical in making sure that they can then teach their own children the same things many years from now. Starting from a very early age, teaching children where their food comes from, and why it is so important that we leave the Earth a better place than it is now, will allow children to see the impact that they can have on where they live, and what they are leaving for generations to come.   Letting your children understand that simple decisions about what they eat, wear and do will have an impact on them that will steer them down a path that will have great benefits for their children, and their children’s children.

Join us at Hippocrates on Tues, April 25, (4 PM-8 PM) for a free family event that will include information, education, fun and food. “Growing Healthy Kids” is a hands-on event including teaching your child to grow their own food, fantastic food preparation sure to inspire your picky eater, activities that teach conservation, why organic clothing is so important, and a lecture from Karen Ranzi, renowned author of “Creating Healthy Kids”.   Event will include a raw vegan dinner, activities, door prizes and more!

Space is limited, and RSVPs are required. Please call 561.594.0896 for more information or to leave your RSVP.


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