As a Hippocrates Health Educator I am able to help thousands of people in Europe regain their health with the tools I learned at Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida. I have over two thousand contacts and am teaching classes at my homes in Jersey, Channel Islands, and in Portugal.

Originally a British Red Cross nurse with practical experience in London teaching hospitals, I lost one of my daughters to chemotherapy for Hodgkin?s Disease in 1989. Since then, I have been researching alternative, immune boosting therapies for cancer, heart disease, arthritis and all other degenerative disease. What I discovered amazed me.

When we eliminate toxins and restore the electricity, oxygen, and hydration to our cells through living phytonutrients, the body heals itself. What I learned at Hippocrates was the scientific proof behind this theory, which earned Dr. Paul Kouchakoff and Dr. Otto Warburg two Nobel Peace Prizes.

Since winning the Derrick Brockie Award, I have launched my Delicious Detox and Get Well — Stay Well courses. Delicious Detox is a basic three-session course covering the holistic building of the immune system. Students learn to eliminate toxins, avoid leucocytosis with living foods and juicing, handle stress and grow their own wheatgrass and sprouts at home. The Get Well — Stay Well course features the same curriculum as Delicious Detox, with additional sessions covering the prevention of recurrence and advanced stress handling techniques as practiced by Hippocrates Health Institute, as well as Recipes for Life. Therefore in five sessions, which can take place in the mornings or evenings, I am providing people with the tools to heal themselves.

I made over one hundred new contacts in September at the inaugural WellBeing World Fair in Jersey. One attendee had a small white terrier called Snoopy who stood on his hind legs to sniff the wheatgrass. When I cut some and gave it to him he absolutely wolfed it down! This brought even more people to the stand, and I shall definitely use this photo in future publicity! Ann Wigmore?s approval was tangible!

I am now back in Portugal planning more events. I am spreading the word about living foods and wheatgrass and have several politicians and other high profile people attending my courses. This is great as their weight loss and improved fitness will be a huge advertisement. My programs have also been featured in the press, including television and radio shows. We can eradicate disease and starvation in our generation with this vegan, living food diet if we get enough publicity!

I am living 90% raw myself and have continued to improve my own health and fitness since my nine week training. I am playing golf and just competed in a ProAm tournament with lady golf professionals from around the world. It is so good to know that in my seventh decade I can still wear the same size golf shorts that I wore as a twenty-year-old! It is also great to be a highly active grandmother to my beautiful vegan grandchildren, and give them a legacy of health!

God tells us to follow this diet in Genesis 1:29 and 30, just as Hippocrates did later! That is why I called my book God?s Healing Word. The first edition of the book sold out in six months and I had to publish a second edition.

We must win the world and I find the younger generations are very open to this program. I am excited at the prospect of Drs. Brian and Anna Maria coming to speak at my venues in Jersey, Channel Islands and in Algarve, Portugal.

Get well and stay well!

Felicity Corbin Wheeler

“Having overcome my own diagnosis of pancreatic cancer in 2003 with the program I am absolutely dedicated to spreading this healing word which of course is ancient wisdom. We shall win the war against disease, one person at a time.”

— Felicity Corbin-Wheeler.


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