It is quite clear that the documented successes achieved by folk medicine using natural remedies, oriental medicine using acupuncture, healing by prayer and laying-on-of hands, homoeopathy, certain electromagnetic effects and the efficacy of certain vegetarian diets in promoting good health cannot be explained by classical chemical models of nature and the body.

Thankfully, in spite of resistance, derision and often, legal obstacles, hearty pioneers in science, medicine and dietary practice have made such strides that nearly 70% of the American population now seeks alternative and/or complementary routes to good health in spite of the resistance from academic medicine. The lack of attention to these issues by the established scientific community has not only delayed the progress in proper health care, but also caused unnecessary problems through lack of standards and accreditation, which has allowed truly unqualified and predatory quacks to flourish.

The near future will certainly bring greater understanding of the basic structure of life, health and well-being as quantum science, mind science, biology, neuroscience, and a broad range of other investigative endeavors come together to create a more holistic and complete picture of living organisms and how they evolved in this planetary environment. Within a few more years, I feel certain, the therapies now considered as alternative or complementary will become fully integrated into academically accredited institutions and health care practice, likely causing significant changes from currently established life styles which, in the western world at least, are manifestly unhealthy, not only for the body, but for civilization and the ecosystem at large. Rapid advancements in cross fertilizing numerous investigative disciplines is creating a paradigm shift that can lead only to better health care, greater longevity and more satisfying life styles.

Vol 20 Issue 4 Page 5


Health Interview with Bernard Haisch Health, Energy Medicine and Toxicity