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21 Jun 2018
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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A man diagnosed with end-stage cancer lived decades longer than doctors predicted.

I first visited Hippocrates  Health Institute 30 years ago with my father. He was 69 years old at the time he was diagnosed with stage 4+ cancer. His surgeon in Israel informed both my brother and me that my father was terminal and beyond the benefits of chemotherapy or radiation. We were then given the heartbreaking prognosis: six to 12 months to live. This news came just six years after the tragic death of my mother, who had passed away in a horrible car accident, leaving my father a widower. Once our initial sense of shock wore off a deep call to action overtook us. We looked for hope. A close friend of the family introduced us to a man named Aaron, who was given only three months to live after being diagnosed with late-stage liver cancer. Yet here he was, still alive years later and talking to us.

That was when we learned about Hippocrates Health Institute.

Aaron said he’d never felt better in his life. Four days later, we were on our flight!

In only a few short days, my father was already responding to the lifestyle change. I knew nothing about alternative medicine at the time, so I worried he was getting worse. But Anna Maria reassured me that he was simply detoxing through the skin—a great sign! His body had started to heal itself.

When we returned home to Israel, we realized quickly that access to sprouts, grains, and wheatgrass was simply nonexistent. My father, determined to continue living the Hippocrates way, began growing his own sprouts and wheatgrass. While his health continuously improved, there were still a few scares along the way. The word “cancer” was then as it remains today: a feared word. So of course we became fearful when my father was struck twice with mild skin cancer, and then colon cancer. But any time I got worried, I would call Brian and he would say, “Don’t worry, love. It’s just simple cancer. It will be fine.” His calmness and clarity changed my own perceptions. I realized that, given the right instruction and the right tools, cancer was just another illness my father’s body could heal.

My father returned almost every year to deepen his knowledge about the lifestyle and healing tactics. He passed away at the age of 91, 22 years after his initial diagnosis.

He lived a long, happy life because of the education and tools at the Hippocrates Health Institute. But my father was simply another in a very long line of Hippocrates success stories.

If I could share one message to take away, it would be this: Love yourself.

I saw those words written on a chalkboard at Hippocrates during that very first visit with my father. I have been back multiple times since then, but it took me years to understand the merits around the simple phrase.

In our society where love for family and friends is paramount, loving yourself and putting yourself and your health first is still a new concept to most. But I learned that doing so is the only way to be able to help others.

Hippocrates didn’t save just my father during all those years of support. All their tools and teachings also allowed me to save myself and my family. I quite simply love this place! I strongly believe in its philosophy and lifestyle and have seen, with my own eyes, how it gave my father and so many others their lives back.

Years ago I asked my cousin, an accomplished doctor, how my father lived so much longer than his doctors predicted. He could offer only one answer: It was a medical miracle. For the first time I agreed with him—it was a miracle. But not a medical marvel. Rather, it was a miracle to have been introduced to Hippo-crates Health Institute all those years ago.

By Nurit Lichtman

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