Allopathic Medicines-Hippocrates Magic Machines

1 Jun 2012
Author: Lindsay Johnson
Read time: 2 min
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However, today these is an increasing awareness that the body is electrical and needs to be addressed as such if total healing is to be achieved. Electrodes in your body are meant to flow in a systemic way through a symbiotic relationship between cells, tissues, organs, and systems. If there is an imbalance or energy blockage in your systems, the conditions for illness are established.

The Institute makes available several electromagnetic therapies to all of the guests who attend. When we apply a particular therapy, the out-of-balance or disconnected electrical system in the body is encouraged back into place by the rhythmic pulses that re produced by the machine. According to many of the guests, the therapies have given their bodies an opportunity to rid themselves of unwanted discomforts and illnesses. They also report that they feel their immune systems are stronger and more able to fight off future health challenges.


Iontophoresis is a method that is widely used globally by the medical faculty. For instance, when injections are given by syringe the solution that is being injected often does not reach the desired location. With this therapy, sponges are saturated with a healing solution and placed between two pads that carry healthful electrical charges which vibrate at your body

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