Balancing Body Mind and Spirit

29 May 2012
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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The kind of medical treatment we seek may leave us feeling more or less empowered to influence the illness. The attempt to bring our minds and bodies into balance through various forms of exercise and disciplines may indeed influence our performance in other aspects of our lives. The decisions we make about eating certain foods has a direct worldwide environmental consequence.

For instance, concern about the health implications of the chemicals and drugs found in many foods might awaken your interest in organic vegetables, which are grown and processed without chemicals. Growing your own sprouts and wheatgrass as well as other vegetables could stimulate your sense of self-reliance and partnership with nature. A commitment to animal welfare could lead you to avoid using all dairy and meat products as well as becoming more active in the industry usage of animals for so-called "research".

Clearly, we here at Hippocrates teach that our well-being and that of the planet are fundamentally related: To heal ourselves we must also heal the planet. To heal the planet, we must heal ourselves.

Vol 8 Issue 2 Page 6

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