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1 Jun 2012
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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  • Lasers for small veins on the body and face

  • Injections with all-natural, preservative-free concentrated salt solution for larger varicosities.

  • Ultrasound guided laser fiber destruction of large varicose vein

  • Microsurgery under local anesthesia for medium- and large-sized veins.

  • Multiple laser modalities for removal of vein caused staining and dermatitis of the skin.

When I was invited by Anna Maria and Brian Clement to be a part of the Hippocrates Active Aging team, they told me of their decades-long sense of impotence concerning the issue of vein care. Guests and participants at The Institute have requested viable, more natural methods of addressing the discomfort and embarrassment caused by these internal culprits. I am delighted to partner with Hippocrates by offering my years of experience and services.

Dr. Catherine Navarro grew up in New York City. She attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston University School of Medicine and University of Miami, Jackson Memorial Hospital. Dr. Navarro holds Board Certifications in Internal Medicine (1990) and an Internal Medicine Recertification (2005).

Vol 25 Issue 3 Page 32

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