Detoxification Yields Unexpected Benefits

20 Jul 2016
Author: Lindsay Johnson
Read time: 2 min
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Having been an Olympic gymnast and recreational athlete, I have always been conscious about my body and my overall health. Over the last twenty years, I have often chosen to spend my vacations at health spas. Hippocrates turned out to be much more than a health spa. My experience at this unique healing institute surpassed all my expectations.

My primary goal in attending the program was to learn how to thoroughly detoxify my body, purify my mind, and transform the quality of my life. At first I found it overwhelming, and the lifestyle changes were challenging. But as I immersed myself fully in the wheatgrass and juice therapies, organic living food, colon cleanses, far-infrared sauna, exercise, and other detox therapies, it became much easier.

At the end of three weeks, I felt energized, empowered, and transformed. Since then, my eyesight has improved, and I find that it is much easier to maintain my ideal weight. My participation in the Hippocrates Program was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, equivalent to my participation as a gymnast in the XIVth Olympiad in London in 1948.

—Rose Voisk, New York

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