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9 Dec 2015
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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Are you looking for the perfect gift this holiday season? Hippocrates Health Institute is happy to present you with over 30 healthy, conscious, and sustainable products. Take the guess work out of shopping knowing each item was crafted with only the finest Hippocrates Approved ingredients and materials. With such selections, we are sure you will find the perfect item for anyone on your list.

From Oasis Therapy Center

To Purchase Call (561) 471-5867

Sacred Geometry Pendants

A true statement piece, these unique pendants are a truly special gift that the wearer will cherish every time they put it on!   $50

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Hand Dyed Organic Tops.

Holiday Special! Uniquely printed women's wear tops and tunics! Specially dyed and printed with a patented process of non-toxic dyes mixed with a base of organic seaweed and water! These dyes contain no heavy metals and are safe for the environment. Each garment is hand dyed and printed making each piece one-of-a-kind. Purchase some of these great tops for yourself or get them as a gift while supplies last! We are offering these tops at a special price of just $25 for long sleeve tops, tees and tunic tanks and just $35 for long sleeve tunics and hooded long sleeve tees.

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Kudu Klip

The Kudu Klip allows you to wear your hair up in dozens of different styles all while donating a portion of proceeds to Build On Hope, a charity that cares for orphaned children, elderly, and endangered wildlife in Africa.  Give the gift of beauty, and hope.  $30

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Holiday Trio Oils • Peppermint, Clove Bud, Juniper Berry

These three wonderful oils can be used individually or blended together in an ultrasonic diffuser to give support to your body during this holiday season as well as create a memorable holiday atmosphere. Mention “Holiday Trio” during the months of November and December and receive $10 off our ultrasonic diffuser when purchasing our Holiday Trio of Peppermint, Clove Bud and Juniper Berry essential oils. These oils, with the diffuser, will make a fantastic gift for your family to promote health  and wellness all year long. Three oils $50.

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Peppermint Perfection Holiday Massage $195

80-minute Deep Tissue massage also includes a peppermint scalp massage and peppermint foot scrub.

Want to feel both relaxed and revived this Holiday Season? The Oasis Peppermint Perfection Holiday Massage is just the ticket! This 80-minute Deep Tissue massage will help relieve sore, tired muscles.  Our peppermint scalp massage will ease away worries and stress. Finally, our peppermint foot scrub will cool, calm and pamper your feet. This indulgent, yet highly therapeutic treatment, will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and fully energized.

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From the HHI Store

To Purchase Call (877) 582-5850

or Email

Brass Room Shield    Hang in a media room, home office, bedroom, or any room that has a Smart Meter on the other side of the wall. If you get the optional room stand, you can move it easily from room to room. Many people use it in a home office during the day, media room during the evening, and then move it to the bedroom at night. It protects 30 feet in all directions, but does not go through walls.

Regular Price: 157.95      Sale Price: 126.36

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Level 2:  Sterling Silver (available in Satin or Polished finish & Heart or Round pendant) Deflects 90-92% of EMF and all unhealthy energies. Reduces stress and fatigue, Sharpens your mental skills, including focus and concentration. Defends you from negative people, deflecting their energy, and boosting your mental & emotional clarity.

Regular price: Starting at 337.00      Sale Price: Starting at 269.60   (Price dependent on shape, finish, and home location of Bio Shield)

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Level 3: Sterling Silver with Gold Tabs (available in Satin or Polishes Finish & Heart or Round pendant)   Deflects 94-96% of EMF and other unhealthy energies.  The gold tabs increase your ability to deal with other people's energy.  . Calming, excellent focus and performance enhancer. Particularly helpful for chronic fatigue, headaches, irritability from a normal day exposure to EMF and other people's energy.

Regular price: Starting at 867.00.  Sale Price: Starting at 693.60  (Price dependent on shape, finish, and home location of Bio Shield)

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Level 4 : 14 K Gold—Available by special order only   Made for individuals who live in metropolitan areas (considered EMF hot zones), or work very long hours in front on a computer, travel frequently, especially internationally often benefit greatly from the extraordinary power of the all 14K gold Level 4 Shields  .

Regular Price: Starting at 3947.00.  Sale Price: Starting at 3157.60 (Price dependent on shape, and finish)

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How does this EMF blocker work?

Based on Nobel Prize winning physics, inside each Shield is a precision cut matrix of quartz and other crystals. This matrix creates an energy field that vibrates at the same frequency/vibration as the earth. We call it an Earth Resonance Technology. If you have walked by the ocean or deep in an old forest, you have already felt this frequency.  The frequency created by the crystal matrix: protects, regulates, and reinforces your natural energy field making you LESS susceptible to the energies around you. This includes electromagnetic radiation of all forms, other people’s negativity, or geopathic stress.  It promotes perfect balance in all 4 of your energy aspects: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We have been told by individuals who see energy to the cellular level that it balances your energy to the level of your D.N.A.

Why are there 4 Levels of Protection?

The Shield comes in 4 levels of strength. The protective, balancing energy field created by the crystal matrix inside the Shield is amplified by the metal that surrounds it.

  • Level 1: Brass is a good conductor - best used as a room, pet, or auto Shield.
  • Level 2: Silver is a stronger conductor than brass - suitable for anyone in today's WiFi world.
  • Level 3: Combines silver with gold accents and provides stronger protection which is especially helpful, if you are sensitive or use a computer for 6+ hours a day.
  • Level 4:: Gold is the most powerful amplifier of our Earth Resonance Frequency

Every Shield has a physics based crystal matrix inside that generates a frequency that corresponds with perfect balance in a human (Schumann Resonance). Then we surround the matrix with a metal covering which amplifies the effects of the energy created by the matrix. Brass is a good amplifier (Level 1), silver is better (Level 2), silver with gold is even stronger (Level 3) and gold is the strongest (Level 4).

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All essensa Skin Care Products 25% off

(Prices shown below are sale prices, no additional discount apply)


Over 50 years ago, essensa was born in the heart of Provence, France with the original vision of offering an alternative to western natural therapies. Created by a midwife, the original users were pregnant women and babies.


Today essensa encompasses a palette of unique products and treatments which draw their potency from a fusion of the traditional remedies with modern expertise. Still delicate enough for pregnant and nursing women (avoid products in brown bottles due to their high concentrations of essential oils), essensa targets issues at the root cause, far beyond the normal vision of skin care. essensa selects only the finest herbs, essential oils and botanical extracts - in the purest concentrations. Through extensive research, careful selection of ingredients, and sophisticated blending technology, essensa elevates skin care into a new generation of quality, purity and performance.


Purity is what differentiates essensa, there are:

- NO synthetic aroma chemicals

- NO synthetic perfumes

- NO animal testing

- NO excess packaging

- NO parabens

Essensa Aromatic Citrus Toner--$28.05                                                    Essensa Blue Chamomile Cleanser--$26.02

Essensa Blue Chamomile Eye Gel--$39.60                                                Essensa Blue Chamomile Infusecream—$52.80

Essensa Blue Chamomile Toner--$28.05                                                    Essensa Carrot & Orange Vitacream--$66.88

Essensa Eye Fluid .5 oz--$27.25                                                                   Essensa Grape Seed Oil 3.0 oz—$12.32

Essensa Iris Infuse Cream--$52.80                                                              Essensa Kiwi & Angelica Vitacream—%66.88

Essensa Lemon Enzyme Exfoliator --$40.42                                             Essensa Lemon Verbena Cleanser--$28.05

Essensa Lemon Verbena Infusecream--$52.80                                        Essensa Peach & Tomato Vitacream--$66.88

Essensa Regenerating Mask--$39.00                                                         Essensa Rose Calendula Cleanser--$28.05

Essensa Sensory Floral Toner--$28.05

Essentia Organic Bed Pillows—25% off

(Discounted prices shown, no additional discounts apply)

Classic:  164.25     Made entirely of our natural memory foam the Classic is hard not to love. Soft enough for your pleasure yet supportive enough to cradle your head and neck.   Memory foam pillows are known for their pressure relief. Our memory foam is natural so you can expect to sleep cool and comfortable all night long with this Classic.

Comfort: 104.00 The Comfort is a throwback to traditional pillows. It's not filled with fibers but with a combination of shredded natural latex and natural memory foam for a comfort you can customize. It feels soft and supportive, conforming to your sleep style. Designed to maintain shape after you've poofed it into shape, the Comfort won't let you down, keep that support you loved from the get-go.

Travel : 66.75     Our luxurious travel pillow makes those globe-trotting adventures a pleasure.  Soft and supportive for enjoyable nap-time while up at 35,000 feet.  It doesn't get any more supportive than a 1 piece travel pillow.... yes, no more lumps! Made entirely of our natural memory foam, the Traveler cradles and fully supports the neck and shoulders while relaxing your muscles to eliminate tension.

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From LIFEGIVE Become Organic Salon

To Purchase Call (866) 515-9598

Special Holiday Travel Kits

We ask you simply, “Would you put in your mouth what you put on your skin?”

The skin is the beginning of a secondary digestive system - much of what our skin is exposed to, we take in with an incredible rapidity, straight to our bloodstream and lymph. In sight of this, it is of course important to scrutinize the purity and safety of all personal care items (especially those which are applied and left on such as creams, lotions, deodorants, etc.), but it is also an opportunity to feed the body!

BECOME is full of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, omega fatty acids, phytonutrients, anti-inflammatories, active enzymes and more.

We feed your body through your skin.

Special Holiday Travel Kits

Become Positively Radiant • $30(regular $38) includes Shampoo, Conditioner Shower Gel and Body lotion

Become a Fresh Start $42(regular $55)  includes face cleanser, exfoliant, toner and moisturizer

Free gift with any purchase at HHI thru December 31st.

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