How to Grow the Sweetest Tasting Wheatgrass

17 May 2017
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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While wheatgrass juice has many powerful medicinal properties, it may taste sweet to some people while it may taste bitter to others. The way you perceive the taste depends upon your history – how much you exercise, how healthy you have recently been eating, and how many toxins you have been exposed to in your past. In general, the more nauseous it makes you the more you need it. This nauseous feeling is due to the powerful detoxifying effect of wheatgrass juice.

The secret is to sip it slowly on an empty stomach. Take a small sip, hold it in your mouth for thirty seconds, swish it around under your tongue and then swallow. This allows the wheatgrass juice to mix with your saliva which predigests the juice and makes it go down more easily. This also allow the nutrients in the wheatgrass juice to be absorbed directly into your bloodstream under your tongue. Take another small sip and follow the same procedure until you have finished two ounces. Drinking two ounces twice a day in this manner is ideal for optimal health.

Not all wheatgrass juice will taste the same. The difference in taste will vary depending upon how you grow it. In order to grow the sweetest tasting wheatgrass you will need to observe these three rules:

  1. Harvest the entire tray at the beginning of the jointing stage, or sooner on day seven or eight. The jointing stage is a botanical term for when the grass is graduating from a baby to an adult. It occurs 12 to 21 days after planting. This is when the grass is the sweetest, when it is the most tender and when it is the most nutritious. The older it gets the more bitter it gets. Kind of like us! But, every day the wheatgrass grows past the jointing stage it ages 40 years!
  2. You need plenty of indirect sunlight and plenty of artificial light to supplement for cloudy days. But, no direct sunlight, ever. If you grow in direct sunlight your grass will get more bitter.
  3. Your cut wheatgrass will last in the refrigerator for up to five days but, fresh is always best. Grow in small trays so you have less cut wheatgrass in the refrigerator for a shorter period of time. You must drink the wheatgrass fresh - within 15 minutes of juicing to get the maximum benefit.

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