Organic Cotton The Comfort of Your Life

1 Jun 2012
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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However, it is estimated that 35 million pounds of pesticides, 25% of the total pesticides used in agriculture, are applied to cotton crops in the United States.

The television ad does not tell its viewers that there are organic farms where cotton grows pesticide-herbicide- and–fertilizer free. Alternatively, organic farming methods of crop rotation, beneficial insects, cover crops and organic fertilizers are deployed. It does not tell you that there are ginning plants, which do not use petroleum based solvents. Organic ginning plants replace solvents with water.

Hippocrates is proud to let you know that we are now offering organic cotton clothing, ranging from a complete line of outerwear, to sports and underwear for women, men and children. This is clothing that is not only environmentally responsible, but also highly fashionable and comfortable. Clothing that does not expose cotton farmers to health risks. Clothing that helps to rebuild the earth. Because there are no bleaches or harmful chemical dyes in our organic cotton collection, it does not promote skin allergies; it helps to prevent increased cancer rates and promotes a healthier, toxin-free planet.

If all cotton were grown organically it would eliminate approximately fifteen percent of global warming gases caused by chemical agriculture. Our organic cotton is grown, processed, spun and manufactured in the United States using fair wage labor.

We are committed to nurturing the earth and its children. Our new LifeGive Health Wear offers the organic comfort of your life, and calls upon your personal commitment to the loving stewardship of our earth!

Vol 15 Issue 4 page 6

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