1 Jun 2012
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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Peace can happen if we bring it down to the simplest of terms; it manifests when it begins in our own hearts and spreads outward. There is no other way. Peace cannot be won or imposed, it must come from within each one of us. It must be felt and nurtured and shared, and a way to share this is through the power of our collective prayer and intent.

We know that the power of prayer is real. The ancient texts of every faith tell us that when two or more are gathered to pray, the power of their united voice can be miraculous. In modern day quantum science, we now have numerous measurable examples that focused thought, feeling and emotion can affect matter.

In these critically troubled times, there is an urgent need to quickly gather peace workers from every culture in the world, to help shift the tide of darkness that seems to be engulfing us. We call upon you for your help. It’s very simple actually. It doesn’t take much to be a peace worker, just a caring heart and a desire to help. Now here’s the plan:


Knowing the immense power that prayer and positive intention have, we ask that you take a few minutes each evening before retiring to focus on peace. This can be a prayer, a song, or a sacred text that you love and that inspires you. The important thing is that it warms and expands your heart with peaceful energy when you focus on it.

Next, with your eyes closed, your hands over your heart, and your focus on your prayer, imagine for a few moments that feeling growing into a beautiful mass of sparkling, heavenly energy. Breathe, relax and feel that joy and wonder. You’ll know it’s time to send it forward when your heart feels full and warm and you begin to smile to yourself!

When you’re ready, move your hands forward, hold that sparkling energy mass you’ve created, and send it off around the globe as if you were blowing a kiss to someone you love. Send your prayer with the intention of it reaching all the hurting and wounded souls around the globe. See it calming the fighting and hatred that is raging in so many places. Visualize it touching hearts and filling people with hope and healing. Imagine the prayers of others reaching you and warming your heart, as well, in return. Give thanks.


On that beautiful Thanksgiving Day, a few hundred people agreed to participate and to practice this simple meditation every night. Now, if we can spread the word of this peace wave among our friends, we’d have thousands and soon millions of people around the globe practicing this simple gesture towards peace. If millions of people did this every evening, there would be a continual wave of peaceful energy circling the Earth 24/7. What a vision!

The warmth of these millions of radiant hearts will slowly melt the unseen barriers of separation and misunderstanding. This living, healing wave will then be fueled by one of the most powerful energy sources freely available to humankind; the focused, shining light of countless, loving hearts

Will one of those hearts be yours?


Our goal is to gather a million voices of peace in this New Year. It can be in the form of your favorite thought, prayer, poem, picture or story that you’d like to add to the healing energy and numbers of hope. We’d love to hear from you!

Watching the number of peace workers grow every day will encourage and create a bond among the millions of people who do not choose war, hatred, cruelty or neglect, but instead choose to actively work towards peace and stability. It will remind us, and the world, that there is good and beauty and kindness here on earth, and that we are committed to embodying it.

On our website, there is a counter that will show you how many people have joined in the peace project and daily meditation. Please check in and add your voice to that count.

Also, you can email your thoughts or prayers for peace to, or mail to: PO Box 137, Manchester, Vermont, 05254.

Optional information to include is your age, faith and country of origin. We will use this data to demonstrate how peace and unity can surpass boundaries and is common to every culture and belief. Visit the website often to view the growing count of participants and read inspiring stories about peace in action. Thank you for caring!

Linda Frees is a Health Educator and frequent visitor to Hippocrates. Moved by the peace and beauty that flourishes on the lush grounds and in the spirits of everyone at Hippocrates, she was inspired to launch her peace project on Thanksgiving Day. The response was heart warming, with prayers of peace from people of many different faiths and backgrounds. She is currently writing a book about the project and plans to see it materialize in the New Year.

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