Toxic City-Arsenic Feedback From Nature

23 May 2012
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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Eco-estrogens are the main cause of cancer and mutation in human health today. Polluting chemical run—offs from industry actually contort the hormonal balance within your body, creating unhealthy cells which, when trying to protect themselves, develop tumor mass. There are no serious scientists who do not know that man-made chemistry has added an exploding array of disease within our already diseased society. Governments around the world literally create unacceptable standards for the amounts of poison that a human body can take. How bizarre it is to consider that we are willing to experiment with people’s health and future, since we are unwilling to find environmentally friendly ways to produce the products that propel our economies. Without hesitation, we can clearly state that a progressive move into developing earth compatible items would be as economically advantageous as the failing methods which are utilized today. As an example, plastic is now being made out of the hemp plant  has shown that the germination of seeds reap ten pounds of food for every one pound of seed. This alone could revolutionize nutrition and at the same time eradicate malnourishment globally. Moreover, it would be a significant reduction of energy used in the production and storage of food.

Many who are guilt ridden for their unconsciousness about pollution tag people who are concerned as eco- nuts or green monsters. Ridiculing individuals for passionately reporting the state of affairs surrounding toxins demonstrates how the antagonist is partly responsible for our ever increasing unhealthy environment. This is everybody’s issue. There are no special interest groups against pollution, only special interest groups that help to spread it. Let us come together and break down the walls of separation and extremism.

We have only our future and that of our children at stake. How much more do we accept before we take action? Do we require more Three-Mile Islands and Chernobyl’s? Are you willing to be the one who sits at the table to determine how many more lives will be sacrificed before you act? As a rational person, you must begin soul searching and acting on this critical landmine issue.

Beginning with your food choices, you can contribute greatly to the reduction of worldwide environmental havoc. As one small example, it requires fifty acres of food to produce one steer. Fifty acres can feed thousands of people a year with the appropriate food that will raise their level of health along with reducing the polluting impact of raising animals for food. Recycling at home and at work will save energy, forests, and reduce  the use of oil based products. In North America we consume half the worlds oil due to our penchant for "Iarge everything". This is why we now have the most overweight people who believe they need to fill up more space in their bodies furthering the over-consumption problem which impacts us all. Finally this unhealthy life- style creates ill people who reduce billions of dollars a year out of the economy due to their loss of productivity and need for health care.

Domino effects can be found in every area where people chose not to be responsible. Can we reduce this problem of environmental pollution to this lack of responsibility? Yes, definitely, yes! When choosing positive methods of living, rather than destructive ones, we not only contribute to ours and our family’s lives but to those lives of every other person on this planet. There is no surprise that we are at the pinnacle of pollution in all countries that over-consume. Starting today, every morsel of food that you eat, every item you purchase, and every act that you will be involved in should be scrutinized, asking three basic questions: 1. How is this going to impact my physical and emotional health? 2. How necessary is it for me to eat, buy or purchase extraneous goods? 3. How is this action going to affect my personal environment and the planet?

Next to the way you live, emotionally, physically and spiritually, there is no greater concern than that of a healthy environment.- Individually we must raise our level of integrity and be willing to make good decisions and small sacrifices.

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